Fixing HTML Fieldset overflow in IE

So I was working on this webpage for a client, and after everything was ready, I discovered I ran into a few errors in IE (that should always be expected 🙁 ). The major error was this:

broken fieldset IE

As you can see, the form elements overflow out of the fieldset, plus that weird bar over the top. Apparently I noticed a few other blogs having solutions to similar fieldset issues for IE7, but I’m sharing you what worked for me.

Just a simple overflow:visible 😀 alongwith the width.

<fieldset style="overflow:visible;width: 600px;">

broken fieldset IE fixed

Hope it helps anyone running into a similar issue. I spent an entire day working around this.

You’re Watching Disney Channel – Bumper videos

“Hi! I’m NiSh, and you’re watching Nishant’s Blog!” 😉

Alright just bumped (pun intended) into these bumper videos on Youtube, also luckily found a combined video with (almost all of) them in one. I personally enjoy these bumpers shown before the start of a show, especially the different ways they show the stars draw the Disney logo and all is so much fun (I kinda wanna do it once myself 😉 ). And if you notice, the background music played in them are also pretty cool, a few are their generic ones that they even make use of in the ‘Coming up next’ show bumpers.

My favorite bumpers would be of Selena Gomez ♥, David Henrie, Jake T Austin (alright I’m biased here being a WoWP fan 🙂 ), Tinkerbell Fairies, Georgie Henley, Kermit the Frog

Anyway.. enjoy! Might as well bring some nostalgia for a few 🙂

*Thanks to xSonnyFanx for the uber compilation*

Also check this one out, it’s one of the few not included in the above combined video, but it’s really cool, I love the bgmusic in it. Watch below.

For more individual bumper videos, click here to Search Youtube.

Download 10th Anniversery Freebies for Windows Live Messenger

WLM birthday

My favorite IM client over the years, Windows Live Messenger finally completed it’s 10th Anniversary recently. Since MSN Messenger version 1.0, it has currently reached (at the time of posting this) Windows Live Messenger version 2009 (build 14.0.8064.206). On this occasion, Microsoft is offering an anniversary gift pack with free themes and emoticons for download.

Download Your FREE Gift PackHit the button above to download the theme pack. The content is from the US anniversary website.

Also check out the UK website for the same below, where you can also play some games and win prizes.

Decade of WLM


Microsoft has also compiled a five-minute video for the tenth anniversary of Messenger, featuring the Buddy icon mascot. Do check it out below, it’s fun.

Google Solar Eclipse 2009 logo


Ok I rarely get to notice the homepage, since I always prefer the Search boxes in my browsers for a quick G search. But just accidently got to the homepage today and noticed this Solar Eclipse 2009 logo for today, so thought of sharing it over here for those like me who might let it go unnoticed.

For those not aware of previous exclusive Google logos for specific events and holidays, check out: (I wish that page had an RSS feed for new logo notifications, would make it easier for us, lol)

Get Free Colgate Total Samples

geIf you’re bored as I was when I ordered my sample, then go ahead and click here:

I received mine like after a month of submitting the application, though it might vary for others. You can also try the Colgate Sensitive toothpaste samples here:
I might be applying for that next when I’m completely bored with nothing else to do, lol.

Here’s a photo of my delivery that I received yesterday via BlueDart.


So order the free samples right away.. It’s a freebie duh, what goes.. Lol. Will keep you’ll updated for any more freebies to come. Stay subscribed to my RSS via FeedBurner (button on the sidebar).

Get Indexed within 24hrs – Free Ping list for your blog

Here’s a free Ping list for your blog, that will help your posts get indexed within 24 hrs. I know many think Pingomatic is enough, but well the more the merrier, eh?

To input these in your WordPress blog, simply navigate to /wp-admin/options-writing.php and paste these below the Pingomatic url.

Hope it helps 🙂

Random Facts about Indians

PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN, eh? 😀 Well just a short list of fact I just bumped across in a forum post, thought of sharing.. although most of us already know it.

(P.S. again: This is NOT written by me)

  • India invented the Number system….(infact the very first number ZERO "0" was invented by Aryabhatta)
  • Co-founder Sun Microsystems- Mr.Vinod Khosla – An Indian
  • Who invented the Pentium Chip – Mr. Vinod Dham – An Indian
  • Third richest man is the world – Mr.Azim Premji – An Indian
  • Founder and Creator of HOTMAIL – Mr.Sabeer Bhatia – An Indian
  • President of AT&T- BellLabs (guys who invented C, C++, UNIX) – Mr. Arun Netravalli – An India
  • General Manager of Hewlett Packard – Mr. Rajiv Gupta – An Indian
  • Decimal system was invented in India in 100 BC
  • Worlds first university was in INDIA – Takshashila (and u uneducated pale white guy calls us idiots)
  • Which is the worlds largest democracy – INDIA
  • 1.5% of total US population is Indians YET – 38% Doctors in US are Indians
  • 1.5% of total US population is Indians YET – 12% Scientists in US are Indians
  • 1.5% of total US population is Indians YET – 36% of Nasa Scientists in US are Indians
  • 1.5% of total US population is Indians YET – 38% Doctors in US are Indians
  • 1.5% of total US population is Indians YET – 34% of Micorsoft Employees in US are Indians
  • 1.5% of total US population is Indians YET – 28% of IBM Employees in US are Indians
  • 1.5% of total US population is Indians YET – 17% of INTEL Employees in US are Indians
  • 1.5% of total US population is Indians YET – 13% of XEROX Employees in US are Indians

Suggest me a domain

So I’ve been wanting to work on my own Technology + bit of Gaming blog, that you might have seen around.. mostly during Re-Tweets and all. It would suffice my urges to share my tit-bits of news with others, as well as fetch some revenue out of the 2nd column ads in the 3-column WP blog on it 😛

Now even though I already own this domain named, and have a small blog on it, I really don’t think it has that much of a potential to have an identity of its own, due to the ‘-kut’ suffix that would make it obvious as yet another Orkut name clone. So no plans for that domain as of now, I want a unique name that would fetch high traffic gradually with a good amount of subscribers.

The domain has to be decently short, and not too long, and only on a .com extension. So I chose to have either ‘tech’ or ‘geek’ in the name, followed by another word; for e.g. GeekGuy, GeekLad (try the site), GeekKid, GeekPlanet, PlanetGeeks, etc. OR the same with the word Tech. Most of these are all taken, yet no site implemented, just purchased for parking purposes… Waste!

Now I hit upon something interesting. GeekPuppy, GeekDog are taken and surprisingly GeekPup is still available. Now this is quite a unique domain that would make itself stand apart from the hundreds of other tech blogs. How? By having a doggy touch to it. Being lazy, I could pay someone to make us a nice mascot logo with a puppy holding a macbook or something, sort of a geek look to it. The blog design could also have a hint of dog footprints or bone patterns, etc. This would surely make it truly unique, and appeal to most of the animal lover tech-heads that visit the place.

Now if you are reading this, and have been linked here by me, then you’re supposed to be helping out in suggesting some names yourself, and also your votes on the GeekPup name. As well as everyone is welcome to join in as a regular contributor on the site, and the credits & revenue will be shared accordingly between all of us.

Post your feedback below, or you can contact me on IMs.

P.S.: DO NOT share this post anywhere. We don’t want anyone stealing ideas.

New blog logo


I finally worked on a decent logo (hope so) for the blog. The inspiration came from another logo I came across that had the ‘ ‘ quotes and one square block besides them. So ultimately I came up to this piece of randomness, modifying each of the elements i.e. font, quote positions, animated multiple blocks, gradient colour scheme, etc. The fade away block animation didn’t really turn out as I wanted it; to seem moving from L to R and R to L accordingly; nevermind though.

I think this will be it for now, so that I can dedicate more time on making some good posts instead of the designing, and then spread the blog around once there is a decent amount of new posts.

Comment back your views on the logo, and any suggestions are welcome.

P.S.: My brother thinks the blocks resemble the NDTV Imagine logo, lol.. Maybe my brain did use that inspiration as well, don’t know really.

ndtv imagine logo

Pokemon Heart Gold & Soul Silver Pre-order Goodies

BLAH NOT FAIR!! >=( Hmphh!! First I pre-ordered Pokemon Platinum earlier this year, as early as 2 months before the game released, from Play-Asia, yet I was deprived of the Giratina figurine that was offered alongwith pre-orders BUT to those living in the US and buying it from participating stores like Gamestop or Toys R Us.

Once again, I’m all set to pre-order Pokemon Heart Gold (I’d prefer Soul Silver colour-wise, but Ho-Oh’s my favorite 🙂 so…) and I’m not going to get the priviledge of owning these pre-order figurines that will be sold to buyers in Japan.


Ho-Oh goes to those buying Heart Gold, Lugia to ones with Soul Silver, while those pre-ordering both shall get both as well as Arceus.

We pay the SAME! Or even more, plus the shipping in some cases. Then WHY aren’t online stores like Play-Asia given the chance to participate in these goodies give-aways 🙁

On a separate note, one of the reasons me considering buying this Japanese game is just for the sake of the Pedometer device bundled with it. I wouldn’t normally pay this high amount of $60 for a DS game, atleast not Japanese. Infact, I’m faced with the torture of bearing 2 weeks after the game release to be waiting for my game to be shipped and received here, while looking at other players happily playing away on emulators or the ROMs on their consoles (which I could, but it’d spoil the fun if I am already getting a paid cartridge of the same).

Anyway, if you’re interested in booking your copies of the games right away, don’t hesitate to do so. Play-Asia is very quick in shipping pre-orders, my experience being during the Pokemon Platinum release earlier this March. Below are links to help you reach the purchase pages.

Pre-Order Pokemon Heart Gold now!
heart gold

Pre-Order Pokemon Soul Silver now!
soul silver

First Game Trailer (with Pedometer preview)

Making someone feel special


Just done watching today’s episode of Kya Mast Hai Life (yeah I haven’t yet blogged about that current addiction yet), and was quite pleased with the episode’s theme. It revolved around giving gifts to friends occasionally, but highlighting the barriers and flaws within the process.

As in the episode, 1 of the 5 friends in the gang, Ragini (Rags) is the daughter of big shot parents, her mom being a famous actress and dad a business tycoon. In the first season of the show, she tried to hide her identity from her friends due to this reason, so that her friends accept and interact with her as one of themselves, instead of treating her as someone high. This secret came out after the season ended.

Back to the topic, 2 of the other friends had bought gifts for each one of their friends, possibly from a shopping spree or something. But when it came to Rags’ turn, they felt their gifts were far too inferior to Ragini’s class of presents, and they tried to keep her out of this spree. At the end of the episode finally, they presented her a nice song played by Vir, as well a handwritten card that made Ragini feel all touchy and special to be a part of their group.

Concluding from that excerpt of the show, and on to my share of thoughts, I think it all does aware us of the fact again, that making someone feel loved isn’t always done through an array of expensive gifts, but through that one special manner that is way beyond reaches of anything money could buy.

I think it’s a nice habit to occasionally or well, atleast on a birthday, remind your closest of buddies how special they stand for you. The easiest and one of the best ‘gifts’ that you could go in for is simply an ordinary plain greeting card. That’s from my personal experience I can say something that will be cherished forever. What I prefer are greeting cards with less of pre-written content, and more of blank space for you to fill up with all your love and affection – which practically I mean something in your own style of decorations and handwritten messages. You could look up for some readymade friendship birthday poems on the web, short ones that are less than a dozen lines long, that supplement your own wishes and message on the card. It is also beneficial to attach a separate ‘letter’ and write up something you would usually chat up on the phone, something to supplement the rest of the greeting, but separated from the main card and wishes. This is because these few lines from the letter are always going to be cherished, especially times when you’re away from your friends due to some reason, they will just pop out your card and read the letter over and over again, imagining you as the one speaking it out to them =)

So all it takes to make someone feel even more special is just a few colour pens and a plain ol’ greeting, occasionally on events like friendship day, christmas, valentines day apart from birthdays. A small supplementary present like keychains, straps, small holy idols (if your friend is way spiritual) and ofcourse, chocolates, is what goes well alongwith. I wouldn’t recommend flowers really, since they fade away sooner and mostly go ignored after the first smell.

I guess this post has exceeded limits of decency again, so I’ll stop right here. Just remember that it doesn’t always take a credit card to convey your feelings, try out something different and out-of-the-blue for once, you’ll see how that turns out for the better in your close relations =)

Good luck!

P.S.: I have my own collection of self-made greetings to share, but I’ll avoid that so as to ensure there are no hard feelings amongst anyone who views them, as well as to keep a part of my ideas to myself =)

Back to Blogging

Ahoy! Shedding some laziness off me, I’ve finally managed to start writing a blog post again (hopes this doesn’t turn out to be yet another unpublished draft).

As my close friends or more preferably those few regular blog readers know,  I’m horribly lazy when it comes to working on something, even as simple as stepping out of my home. ‘Coz of this sluggish habit of mine, this dear blog of mine was updated at intervals of upto 6 months to 1 year, as and when I used to snap out of my laziness to manage to write a post. It’s not about not having things to write about, I do have a LOT to say all day; infact that’s quite obvious from my Twitter updates or Facebook Wall posts (which make really good random content for my blog if published here).

Anyhow, being my first post on this new blog update, I’m going to keep it short, unlike my previous posting habit of less frequent yet huge posts.

Technically you can say this blog is a completely new install, since it no longer resides on the Blogger version domain @ and instead converted to a WordPress install now @ (my personal domain). The theme is no longer Rounded Blue, but currently Typebased as of writing this post, and it might keep changing further on. All the rest is now WordPress based, including plugins and all. The only remnants of the previous blog are the blog posts, which were exported from Blogger to WordPress in an instant (all the more ease to switch to WordPress).

Sharing options are now available, you can Tweet my posts or Share them on Facebook, etc. As well as another big feature would be connecting your Facebook account with this blog, so your activities here are synced back to your Facebook.

And maybe one more thing to note would be that I’m using Windows Live Writer to workaround my laziness from actually visiting the WP Admin panel to write a post.

Until next time.. hopefully soon. *crosses fingers*


My First Play-Asia shipment: Fire Mario plush

It was the 31st of October, and I was randomly surfing around Play-Asia yet again.. just staring at those 00ber items listed there.. ranging from kawaii SMB keychains to plush dolls and console games ofcourse, wondering when I’d ever get to have any damn thing from them.

They were also having a 15-day discounted sale period on Play-Asia during that period, and that day was supposed to be the last. I had come across this Super Mario Galaxy Plush Doll: Fire Mario many a times, but never really got that *WANT!* urge within me, which I suddenly did at that moment. As a co-incidence, I had earnt a few bucks during that period and my Paypal was almost near to having sufficient funds to afford that doll. It took me an entire day to come upon the decision to finally purchase it. The negative thought that haunted me was that did that doll deserve to be purchased for a 20 yr old guy like me? Doesn’t the word on the average people’s street go all — “Dolls are for the kiddies!“?

I did overcome that with a positive attitude that came from within. We often grow up in life to such an extent that we tend to forget the inner child within us. We forget to have the same fun we used to have when we were 5, we forget to laugh, dance or act all crazy like we used to back then. We try to overcome that inner demand for toys, dolls, candies, chocolates, et al. The same demand that was urging me to hit the Buy Now button on the Fire Mario item page.

Yes! I will hit it!! I will buy that for the Little NiSh who demands it! No matter the money spent, I won’t take it as ‘wasted’. Money comes and goes, but times like these don’t. Many negative comments came from contacts whom I asked for suggestions over buying it; including my mom who also exclaimed whether I was a kid?! But luckily there *were* contacts online who possess a similar mindset as mine, and proded me to go for it! (Thanks PikachuTrAiNeR, Ewan, harrytendulkar, Reetesh, Blenderboy Ankit). The other plus point in ordering it ASAP was since the sale mentioned above was offering a $7 off on the plush doll. Going for it later would just have me spend more over it.

So I filled in the necessary shipping details, did the payment and confirmed the purchase. It was a joy in doing this in real for once. I later did add in an extra item the next day, which was the pack of grape candies, just randomly to have some extra joy in the purchase, since it was supposed to be a birthday gift for me from myself =)

Play-Asia finally sent me a notification on the 3rd of Nov. 08, regarding my purchase status which was now *shipped*! Yay! So everything is final now, nothing can stop it. Since then until today, the 15th, I’ve been anxiously waiting for it to arrive. 12 days is a decent time to wait I guess, for free economy air parcel by post.

Continue reading

Don’t judge a book by it’s Cover.. Literally!

It’s funny how I got a taste of the well-known phrase ‘Don’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover‘.. in it’s literal sense; rather than what it actually has to convey about not assuming a person’s capabilities from his initial outwardly impressions.

So thanks to the sudden addiction towards going haywire in a bookstore to dig out books of any random genre, and dragging them home to archive them with the rest, I was at it again last month when I came across this huge paradise of books, branded as Landmark at the Infinity Mall in Mumbai. I came across Chetan Bhagat‘s recent release, ‘The 3 mistakes of my Life‘; and from all the launch parties and hype for the book, the reviews seeming pretty convincing to run out and grab a copy, I thought of having a go at this young Indian author’s novels; for a change from all the Enid Blyton fictions and autobiographies of random Indian personalities.

The first copy of the book that I caught hold of, the only one I could find at that shelf, looked pretty enough, with this unique fresh odour that released upon flipping the pages. But out of my concern towards the ‘prettiness’, I dropped back the book since there was this glue’ish sort of little spot on the binded edge. Towards the other shelves I found a couple of more copies of the same, and yet again I was more particular towards the cover rather than what’s inside; I finally agreed on the 3rd copy that I caught hold of, and shoved it to the cart.

Even after more than 3 weeks of reading at snail-speed, I never realised those blank pages which I noticed earlier, were not extras, but were indeed ‘missing‘ pages off the book. This came to light when my mom jumped in the quest to finish the book, having completed the entire book in just a couple of days; as compared to me still lagging behind at 2/3rd of the book still pending.

Upon proceeding towards Chapter 9, quite far ahead of me, she discovered there were around 16 pages missing from the 9th to the 11th Chapter in an alternate sequence. Yes! That’s when I realised I should have probably accepted the first copy back at the store then and there without wandering around for a ‘prettier’ one. My mom however finished off the book ignoring the missing blocks in the story.

Now the only solution is to either scan off the missing pages from a friend’s copy (no use since no one’s got any yet), or leech the ebook version off the web and print out the pages. Still hunting down for the latter.. no results yet. =(

I guess I could call this one of my mistakes in life? Let’s see the other 2 come along the way until I get around reading to the end.