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I finally worked on a decent logo (hope so) for the blog. The inspiration came from another logo I came across that had the ‘ ‘ quotes and one square block besides them. So ultimately I came up to this piece of randomness, modifying each of the elements i.e. font, quote positions, animated multiple blocks, gradient colour scheme, etc. The fade away block animation didn’t really turn out as I wanted it; to seem moving from L to R and R to L accordingly; nevermind though.

I think this will be it for now, so that I can dedicate more time on making some good posts instead of the designing, and then spread the blog around once there is a decent amount of new posts.

Comment back your views on the logo, and any suggestions are welcome.

P.S.: My brother thinks the blocks resemble the NDTV Imagine logo, lol.. Maybe my brain did use that inspiration as well, don’t know really.

ndtv imagine logo

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  1. Charlie says:

    Greatings, Everything dynamic and very positively! 🙂

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