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So I’ve been wanting to work on my own Technology + bit of Gaming blog, that you might have seen around.. mostly during Re-Tweets and all. It would suffice my urges to share my tit-bits of news with others, as well as fetch some revenue out of the 2nd column ads in the 3-column WP blog on it 😛

Now even though I already own this domain named, and have a small blog on it, I really don’t think it has that much of a potential to have an identity of its own, due to the ‘-kut’ suffix that would make it obvious as yet another Orkut name clone. So no plans for that domain as of now, I want a unique name that would fetch high traffic gradually with a good amount of subscribers.

The domain has to be decently short, and not too long, and only on a .com extension. So I chose to have either ‘tech’ or ‘geek’ in the name, followed by another word; for e.g. GeekGuy, GeekLad (try the site), GeekKid, GeekPlanet, PlanetGeeks, etc. OR the same with the word Tech. Most of these are all taken, yet no site implemented, just purchased for parking purposes… Waste!

Now I hit upon something interesting. GeekPuppy, GeekDog are taken and surprisingly GeekPup is still available. Now this is quite a unique domain that would make itself stand apart from the hundreds of other tech blogs. How? By having a doggy touch to it. Being lazy, I could pay someone to make us a nice mascot logo with a puppy holding a macbook or something, sort of a geek look to it. The blog design could also have a hint of dog footprints or bone patterns, etc. This would surely make it truly unique, and appeal to most of the animal lover tech-heads that visit the place.

Now if you are reading this, and have been linked here by me, then you’re supposed to be helping out in suggesting some names yourself, and also your votes on the GeekPup name. As well as everyone is welcome to join in as a regular contributor on the site, and the credits & revenue will be shared accordingly between all of us.

Post your feedback below, or you can contact me on IMs.

P.S.: DO NOT share this post anywhere. We don’t want anyone stealing ideas.

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5 Responses to Suggest me a domain

  1. StrifeX says:

    GeekPup Sounds fun. Give it a go.

  2. Soham Pal says:

    +1 for GeekPup! 😀

  3. Nishant says:

    Hmm.. How about That’s available as well.

  4. Reetesh says:

    Share your tit-bits ?? I thought you were a dude 😛
    lol.. anyways..

    Something like that pup domain will require a lot of effort from you, you will have to make every post have some kind of pup feel to it and maybe put a icanhazacheesburger type pic of snubby in every pic 😛

    Wonder if lazy boy like you will be able to do that.. if you can, then awesome 😀

    Geek.izm would be better, that one doesnt sound too nice. Mabye something like 😛 Thats the best I can thinkn of right now…

    • Nishant says: ain’t good? Hmm.. and no @ technish, I don’t want any more ‘nish’ domains, got 3 already, it shudn’t include me in it.. it’s not personal. Besides, I’d love to get .sh TLDs, but heh they’re like 00berifically expensive! I tried checking for once so, heh. Let’s see then.. if I’m able to put in that much of work in puppy’fying my posts and all.

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