My First Play-Asia shipment: Fire Mario plush

It was the 31st of October, and I was randomly surfing around Play-Asia yet again.. just staring at those 00ber items listed there.. ranging from kawaii SMB keychains to plush dolls and console games ofcourse, wondering when I’d ever get to have any damn thing from them.

They were also having a 15-day discounted sale period on Play-Asia during that period, and that day was supposed to be the last. I had come across this Super Mario Galaxy Plush Doll: Fire Mario many a times, but never really got that *WANT!* urge within me, which I suddenly did at that moment. As a co-incidence, I had earnt a few bucks during that period and my Paypal was almost near to having sufficient funds to afford that doll. It took me an entire day to come upon the decision to finally purchase it. The negative thought that haunted me was that did that doll deserve to be purchased for a 20 yr old guy like me? Doesn’t the word on the average people’s street go all — “Dolls are for the kiddies!“?

I did overcome that with a positive attitude that came from within. We often grow up in life to such an extent that we tend to forget the inner child within us. We forget to have the same fun we used to have when we were 5, we forget to laugh, dance or act all crazy like we used to back then. We try to overcome that inner demand for toys, dolls, candies, chocolates, et al. The same demand that was urging me to hit the Buy Now button on the Fire Mario item page.

Yes! I will hit it!! I will buy that for the Little NiSh who demands it! No matter the money spent, I won’t take it as ‘wasted’. Money comes and goes, but times like these don’t. Many negative comments came from contacts whom I asked for suggestions over buying it; including my mom who also exclaimed whether I was a kid?! But luckily there *were* contacts online who possess a similar mindset as mine, and proded me to go for it! (Thanks PikachuTrAiNeR, Ewan, harrytendulkar, Reetesh, Blenderboy Ankit). The other plus point in ordering it ASAP was since the sale mentioned above was offering a $7 off on the plush doll. Going for it later would just have me spend more over it.

So I filled in the necessary shipping details, did the payment and confirmed the purchase. It was a joy in doing this in real for once. I later did add in an extra item the next day, which was the pack of grape candies, just randomly to have some extra joy in the purchase, since it was supposed to be a birthday gift for me from myself =)

Play-Asia finally sent me a notification on the 3rd of Nov. 08, regarding my purchase status which was now *shipped*! Yay! So everything is final now, nothing can stop it. Since then until today, the 15th, I’ve been anxiously waiting for it to arrive. 12 days is a decent time to wait I guess, for free economy air parcel by post.

As per our rules @ #pfz 😉 we need to record *unboxing* videos/pics whenever we get a new parcel off P-A or related 😛 So here’s the Unboxing video (with fun annotations along) below:

A few images as well:

My review on this kawaii plush fire mario is that it’s quite flexible! You can easily even pull down it’s legs to make it seem to stand. It’s an original product licensed by Nintendo, so the quality is really top-notch. The Fire Flower is also a bit loose to have fun pressing it, although I’d have liked it better if it were detachable xD (LOL, */me imagines jumping up and down to hit it). You can have a lot of fun playing SMB in real with it, by maybe throwing in Goomba dolls, [?] Question Blocks, Power-Ups and even other characters, alongwith SMB music and sounds.

[MUST WATCH!] Here’s another video I cooked up — a fun video review of Fire Mario:

Download the High-Quality video

C Care Grape Candies were also nice, although a bit sour, which I now think I should have gone for those Pineapple flavoured ones ^^;

Overall a very exciting experience for me, and I’ve enjoyed every bit of it right from confirming the shipment to waiting and now the unboxing! I’m sure you guys out there too must’ve had the *WANT!* kinda urges when you’re onto some shopping portal online. And I’d say if it really makes you to WANT it, then go for it! 🙂 Atleast once in a while. Not always 😉

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10 Responses to My First Play-Asia shipment: Fire Mario plush

  1. Amit says:

    Absolutely awesome!
    Nish Sounds Like mario now..xD

  2. harrytendulkar says:

    Wow, Its Smokin’. Well How did you manage to Open it with a Cam on One hand.

    Great work Nishi.

    Great Work Doggie.( I forgot his/ her Name)

  3. pikachuzhome says:

    That was the best EVER video review I’ve ever seen. PERIOD.

  4. Reeteshifier says:

    Thats Just great man!

    Haha Dont worry about such things, enjoy whatever you want, I mean if you want to have something that you dreamt of as a kid, nothing is stopping you from doing it now.

    Also your mom might have just said for once like that, to see what your reply would, I dont think she would have denied you from buying that.

    Anyhoo.. man I gotta start earning soon, all this free service I have been doing and seeing that you actually made a decision of buying thing (with your own money) makes me think when my Time will come.

    For some reason I still feel internet is not for making money, lol.

  5. Webmaster NiSh says:

    Thanks for all the comments everyone! =)
    @Reeteshifier : Yup, my mom doesn't ever disagree to any of my decisions. Always lead a free life thanks to her =)
    Plus, I didn't really know of the correct ways to earn online previously, but now I do somewhat, and -> "I still feel internet is not for making money" -> About that, right, but then there are times when you need some extra $$ for your luxury needs, which isn't always right to bother parents for. Infact, my primary aim to earn is to get myself my DS Lite that I've always wanted =D And I will soon.. hopefully, for sure ^^

  6. Manderson says:

    I usually don’t post on Blogs but ya forced me to, great info.. excellent! … I’ll add a backlink and bookmark your site.

  7. dev says:

    Dude i ordered a package from PLAY ASIA..(a WII CLASSIC CONTROLLER).. It was shipped on 17th NOV..

    Kindly advise from your experience how much time it should take to reach my place in MUMBAI ..


    • Nishant says:

      Hi Anurag,

      Well, by the free air-mail, it normally takes 14 days to arrive. But you can start anticipating from the 10th day onwards, incase you get lucky it might reach sooner. If you’re unlucky, in rare cases it takes even longer, like 3 weeks, and in even rarer cases it never turns up and gets lost. However, you can write to Play-Asia if you do not receive your package within a month, and they will re-send it.

      Package is also checked by Mumbai Customs many a times, so make sure you don’t purchase anything more than $200 via free air-mail, as in.. you can but that will charge you customs duty upto 33% of the invoice. Also, never go in for UPS or FedEx, because even if you will pay for the shipping, however small your invoice is, you will still be charged equal amount of customs duty.

      Good luck in receiving your package! =)

  8. dev says:


  9. dev says:

    Thanks for the prompt reply..

    No the wii classic controller costs only 29$ which comes to abt 1350 INR..

    Therefore i am expecting it anytime now.. Though i opted for FREE SHIPPING ,play asia says the packaged is INSURED.. so hopefully i dont have to wait for a long time…

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