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Ahoy! Shedding some laziness off me, I’ve finally managed to start writing a blog post again (hopes this doesn’t turn out to be yet another unpublished draft).

As my close friends or more preferably those few regular blog readers know,  I’m horribly lazy when it comes to working on something, even as simple as stepping out of my home. ‘Coz of this sluggish habit of mine, this dear blog of mine was updated at intervals of upto 6 months to 1 year, as and when I used to snap out of my laziness to manage to write a post. It’s not about not having things to write about, I do have a LOT to say all day; infact that’s quite obvious from my Twitter updates or Facebook Wall posts (which make really good random content for my blog if published here).

Anyhow, being my first post on this new blog update, I’m going to keep it short, unlike my previous posting habit of less frequent yet huge posts.

Technically you can say this blog is a completely new install, since it no longer resides on the Blogger version domain @ and instead converted to a WordPress install now @ (my personal domain). The theme is no longer Rounded Blue, but currently Typebased as of writing this post, and it might keep changing further on. All the rest is now WordPress based, including plugins and all. The only remnants of the previous blog are the blog posts, which were exported from Blogger to WordPress in an instant (all the more ease to switch to WordPress).

Sharing options are now available, you can Tweet my posts or Share them on Facebook, etc. As well as another big feature would be connecting your Facebook account with this blog, so your activities here are synced back to your Facebook.

And maybe one more thing to note would be that I’m using Windows Live Writer to workaround my laziness from actually visiting the WP Admin panel to write a post.

Until next time.. hopefully soon. *crosses fingers*


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