My Valentines Day 2010

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my readers! =)

’tis how I celebrated the day =P ^^ <3

♥ V’Day Strawberry Jelly Cake — LMAO Mom’s mad at me coz she had to get a huge size just to fit in all the names xD ♥ ♥ ♥ Btw they’re in alphabetical order so no moaning!

Foodie Movies – #foodiemovies


Ever wondered how bollywood movies would have been named if they were based on Indian foods?

Here’s a hashtag that came up on 11th November, 2009 on my timeline. Credits retained.

Raybri  CHOLE MASALA golgappa

Roti Fafda aur Jalebi
Khote Tikkay
Yeh Shaam Biriyani
KalAkand ho na ho
Hariyaali aur Parantha
Gilli Gilli golGappa
Choley aur Shabnam
RajMa Babu
Jinke Sir ho IShq ki Chaav, PAV ke niche jannat hogi

Chawal Number
Dil Chole Kadi Pa
Rab ne Khila Di Thodi

Rabdi bana thi thodi

Dahi apna aur Chaach parai

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You know you are from Mumbai (Bombay) when…


You know you are from Mumbai (Bombay) when

1. You say “town ” and expect everyone to know that*this means south of Churchgate.

2 You speak in a dialect of Hindi called ‘Bambaiya Hindi’, which only Bombayites can understand.

3. Your door has more than three locks.

4. Rs 500 worth of groceries fit in one paper bag.

800px-Mumbai_Train5. Train timings (9.27, 10.49 etc) are really important events of life.

6. You spend more time each month traveling than you spend at home.

7. You call an 8′ x 10′ clustered room a Hall.

8. You’re paying Rs 10,000 for a 1 room flat, the size of walk-in closet and you think it’s a “steal.”

9. You have the following sets of friend: school friends, college friends, neighborhood friends, office friends and yes, train friends, a species unique only in Bombay.

10. Cabbies and bus conductors think you are from Mars if you call the roads by their Indian name, they are more familiar with Warden Road, Peddar Road, Altamount Road.

11. Stock market quotes are the only other thing besides cricket which you follow passionately.

12. The first thing that you read in the Times of India is the “Bombay Times” supplement.

13. You take fashion seriously. You’re suspicious of strangers who are actually nice to you.

14. Hookers, beggars and the homeless are invisible.

15. You compare Bombay to New York’s Manhattan instead of any other cities of India.

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Get your Google Wave invite from me


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I finally receive the Inviter wave from Google in my wave inbox, after me being on Wave since October 15 (past 2 weeks).

Google Wave invites

Since I’ve got a generous 20 invites to spare for all of my dear tweeps & other good friends anxious to try out the new craze, I thought it best to manage a blog entry to list out confirmed invitations & for others to request one from me.

I’m keeping one invite reserved for me, so as to get more invites to share further.

Please comment back on the entry if you wish to request an invite if there is a free slot available in the list below. Please also note that invitations are not sent instantly, it may take upto 2-4 days for it to arrive in your Inbox.

For those already on Google Wave, you may add me ‘’.

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Get Free Colgate Total Samples

geIf you’re bored as I was when I ordered my sample, then go ahead and click here:

I received mine like after a month of submitting the application, though it might vary for others. You can also try the Colgate Sensitive toothpaste samples here:
I might be applying for that next when I’m completely bored with nothing else to do, lol.

Here’s a photo of my delivery that I received yesterday via BlueDart.


So order the free samples right away.. It’s a freebie duh, what goes.. Lol. Will keep you’ll updated for any more freebies to come. Stay subscribed to my RSS via FeedBurner (button on the sidebar).

Making someone feel special


Just done watching today’s episode of Kya Mast Hai Life (yeah I haven’t yet blogged about that current addiction yet), and was quite pleased with the episode’s theme. It revolved around giving gifts to friends occasionally, but highlighting the barriers and flaws within the process.

As in the episode, 1 of the 5 friends in the gang, Ragini (Rags) is the daughter of big shot parents, her mom being a famous actress and dad a business tycoon. In the first season of the show, she tried to hide her identity from her friends due to this reason, so that her friends accept and interact with her as one of themselves, instead of treating her as someone high. This secret came out after the season ended.

Back to the topic, 2 of the other friends had bought gifts for each one of their friends, possibly from a shopping spree or something. But when it came to Rags’ turn, they felt their gifts were far too inferior to Ragini’s class of presents, and they tried to keep her out of this spree. At the end of the episode finally, they presented her a nice song played by Vir, as well a handwritten card that made Ragini feel all touchy and special to be a part of their group.

Concluding from that excerpt of the show, and on to my share of thoughts, I think it all does aware us of the fact again, that making someone feel loved isn’t always done through an array of expensive gifts, but through that one special manner that is way beyond reaches of anything money could buy.

I think it’s a nice habit to occasionally or well, atleast on a birthday, remind your closest of buddies how special they stand for you. The easiest and one of the best ‘gifts’ that you could go in for is simply an ordinary plain greeting card. That’s from my personal experience I can say something that will be cherished forever. What I prefer are greeting cards with less of pre-written content, and more of blank space for you to fill up with all your love and affection – which practically I mean something in your own style of decorations and handwritten messages. You could look up for some readymade friendship birthday poems on the web, short ones that are less than a dozen lines long, that supplement your own wishes and message on the card. It is also beneficial to attach a separate ‘letter’ and write up something you would usually chat up on the phone, something to supplement the rest of the greeting, but separated from the main card and wishes. This is because these few lines from the letter are always going to be cherished, especially times when you’re away from your friends due to some reason, they will just pop out your card and read the letter over and over again, imagining you as the one speaking it out to them =)

So all it takes to make someone feel even more special is just a few colour pens and a plain ol’ greeting, occasionally on events like friendship day, christmas, valentines day apart from birthdays. A small supplementary present like keychains, straps, small holy idols (if your friend is way spiritual) and ofcourse, chocolates, is what goes well alongwith. I wouldn’t recommend flowers really, since they fade away sooner and mostly go ignored after the first smell.

I guess this post has exceeded limits of decency again, so I’ll stop right here. Just remember that it doesn’t always take a credit card to convey your feelings, try out something different and out-of-the-blue for once, you’ll see how that turns out for the better in your close relations =)

Good luck!

P.S.: I have my own collection of self-made greetings to share, but I’ll avoid that so as to ensure there are no hard feelings amongst anyone who views them, as well as to keep a part of my ideas to myself =)

Don’t judge a book by it’s Cover.. Literally!

It’s funny how I got a taste of the well-known phrase ‘Don’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover‘.. in it’s literal sense; rather than what it actually has to convey about not assuming a person’s capabilities from his initial outwardly impressions.

So thanks to the sudden addiction towards going haywire in a bookstore to dig out books of any random genre, and dragging them home to archive them with the rest, I was at it again last month when I came across this huge paradise of books, branded as Landmark at the Infinity Mall in Mumbai. I came across Chetan Bhagat‘s recent release, ‘The 3 mistakes of my Life‘; and from all the launch parties and hype for the book, the reviews seeming pretty convincing to run out and grab a copy, I thought of having a go at this young Indian author’s novels; for a change from all the Enid Blyton fictions and autobiographies of random Indian personalities.

The first copy of the book that I caught hold of, the only one I could find at that shelf, looked pretty enough, with this unique fresh odour that released upon flipping the pages. But out of my concern towards the ‘prettiness’, I dropped back the book since there was this glue’ish sort of little spot on the binded edge. Towards the other shelves I found a couple of more copies of the same, and yet again I was more particular towards the cover rather than what’s inside; I finally agreed on the 3rd copy that I caught hold of, and shoved it to the cart.

Even after more than 3 weeks of reading at snail-speed, I never realised those blank pages which I noticed earlier, were not extras, but were indeed ‘missing‘ pages off the book. This came to light when my mom jumped in the quest to finish the book, having completed the entire book in just a couple of days; as compared to me still lagging behind at 2/3rd of the book still pending.

Upon proceeding towards Chapter 9, quite far ahead of me, she discovered there were around 16 pages missing from the 9th to the 11th Chapter in an alternate sequence. Yes! That’s when I realised I should have probably accepted the first copy back at the store then and there without wandering around for a ‘prettier’ one. My mom however finished off the book ignoring the missing blocks in the story.

Now the only solution is to either scan off the missing pages from a friend’s copy (no use since no one’s got any yet), or leech the ebook version off the web and print out the pages. Still hunting down for the latter.. no results yet. =(

I guess I could call this one of my mistakes in life? Let’s see the other 2 come along the way until I get around reading to the end.

Offline! 2 Months.. or Minutes?

Offline for 2 months..?
Reason? “Had a tough time struggling my space board with the INSAT-1C I collided with whilst playing around in the Medieval ages“.

Did that seem all nonsensical to you? Then READ ON…

Past 2 minutes, oops.. I mean 2 months of an Offline status around instant messengers and social networks did get a ton of worried messages piled up that went ‘Where are you?’ or astonied ones like ‘Nish is offline?!’.

NO! Technically I may have been offline from the virtual hangouts, the period extending upto 2 months, but I was neither off nor is the period correct anywhere near it.

April 5 was the day, after a fine conversation with a few contacts on Orkut, I decided to take some time off the online routines and get some fresh air out space-surfing around Xeus.

My space surf-board was not in sight and I felt I had probably left it back at the previous orbit I surfed across. Alternatively, I hopped inside my spaceship and drove across the Nexus City (New South Xeus) constellations, with my time-traveller gadget ready to revive some nostalgic moments back in history. I did switch it on at once, but this time I chose the Virtual mode (unlike the Realtime mode which physically transports you back into time) just because I was a bit too lazy to physically go venturing into the past.

The Medieval ages.. Ah! How random.. Around 1269AD, that’s where I lowered down the traveller spinner and halted it down to get into the era. Before I could even get the chance to explore the land around and blog it here for you, I suddenly felt a loud jerk on the spaceship, which after peeking out I got to know I had accidently flown into the wrong path and collided with the INSAT-1C satellite that orbits the Earth. Due to the sudden collision, while I was mentally (virtually) amidst a time travelling process, the system got disrupted and I got virtually stuck fluctuating up and down in time. Because of this, the TTSU (Time Travel Synchronization Unit) that keeps your virtual time in sync with the current time, which is later needed to revive you back to the present, got out of sync.

This collision and getting out of sync landed me into a 2 min state of mind that was mentally lost in time, while the Auto Defense Mechanism (ADM) of the space-ship tried to get off the INSAT-1C track. Once I was back on the right path, the Time Traveller Auto Revival System (TTARS) managed to get me back to my present time state.

Later, I realized that due to the de-sync in time and whatever else went on during the entire collision, which had probably just appeared as a 2 min period to me, but was actually a whole 45 day time period that elapsed on Earth.

So in conclusion, I was actually just away for 2 mins back in space, but on Earth it was a period of 45 days all passed away in an instant. The rest few days until now have been spent trying to recover back home from this mental trauma, and finally I’M BACK ONLINE!!

NiSh Birthday – Year 20 – How it went along..

NiSh Birthday – Year 20 – How it went along..

*burrrp*.. That’s what you get when you end up your birthday dinner @ 2am in the morning.. LOL..
So, let’s start the birthday post right from the Birthday Eve.. The phone started ringing right up from ~23.15* for early birthday wishes.. next call up at 23:40 from a dear friend who was all ‘Ab tum bees saal ke ho gaye toh hum bachchon ko bhuul jaaoge isliye jaldi phone kiya‘ (Since you’re 20 yrs old now you may forget us kids so called you up early)… And I was all.. WTF.. Let that 2-digit number spelt T-W-E-N-T-Y be BANNEDTH Now!! :x I’m Still in my Sweet 16 age ^_^

And the call went up until 00:06 when he finally WiShed me A very Happy Birthday.. .. Pretty smart how people actually call you up early just to avoid a Waiting tone after midnight.. Which was exactly the situation after the 00 hrs onwards.. with some friends talking on and on, not realising there are some other dear ones waiting in the call queue.. And to those who failed to connect to me in such a case, my apologies, but you could have tried again later

Txt-message greeting fails in cases where you pull out your Saved msgs box and randomly shove a Birthday sms to your friend; not realizing it’s quite a commonly forwarded one.. who knows maybe that same friend may have forwarded it to you.. and you back to him.. -_-; Although I still appreciate all those who did greet me online via IMs, Scraps, Emails, or SMSes.. But those who could manage to call and talk to me personally, that’s the best gift I believe I could’ve got, since voice is one thing that reaches out from your heart direct to the other person and conveys your wishes better. =)

Rise n’ shine.. It’s THE Day.. the Sun’s up.. but NiSh isn’t.. ? Finally I wake up with.. a headache and nerve pains? Gah.. Once again probably left the phone radio headset playing in my ear all night… Ouch.. So anyways, I get the first morning call from my Aunt.. and later on some more to follow, and constant greetings getting scrapped on Orkut all day as usual. So I dress up in some neat new clothes with a red & light blue combination… and.. sit around.. and just sit around some more… taking a few birthday day snaps.. and sit around some more..? Ofcourse, how dull can your birthday morning get when you have no college to attend (not for the lectures sake tho ;)) resulting in no friends to meet and wish you personally, no going out and giving them a treat… absolutely nothing! And since Laziness ownz over me, I do not wander out the door until there’s a genuine reason for it.. So I just sit some more.. And that headache really gets bad..

Lunch time around, and I have some really good dishes waiting for me.. Thanks to my sweet loving mom who actually went through the trouble of cooking up a special Lunch (not forgetting a sweet dish :)) inspite of having office to attend early morning.. *cuddles* ^^ And later, I just fall off to bed.. Yes! Bed! I never knew I’d actually have a nap on a birthday.. or even look at my lousy lazy messed up bed.. if it wasn’t for that headache and sickness sort of feeling that started to get worst..

***Zzzz… And it’s late evening already? Somehow did manage to wake up, and all I had to do.. is wait for my mom to get back from office.. and even tho it was time already, she still wasn’t home.. I guess she was shopping around for me.. ….. So let’s quickly speed up the whole waiting part.. which was really long, and get to the celebration! Well before which, I did have a few more phone calls and smses (plus Orkut scrapping to glory continues), with everyone just adamant to point out that it was my ‘TWENTY’th Birthday.. damn 20 is Forbidden!! Inverse use of 20 is still allowed tho (as in 02 yrs ) Some went even ahead to boldly state ‘congrats for beginning 21st year..’ ….

Moving on to the celebration again, it’s around 22:00hrs, and I get shoved out.. with a scrumptious lil’ cake in front of me, with _Nishant_ scribbled over it with cream.. so as always I first need to get the NISH part partitioned from the ANT.. thus leaving the NISH piece only for the NiSh

And the cake cutting follows with my dear mom and bro humming the Happy Birthday tune for me.. ^^ and I’m gifted with some self-baked chocolate cookies by my brother… and a Chrono watch by my mom .. who does also say she was supposed to get me a better gift , but due to lack of time cudn’t.. so I may have to wait.. (and later leaked by my brother that it was supposed to be an iPod.. Eww.. Apple..). The chocolate cookies was something that my brother had been trying to bake all day for me.. (sweet ^^).. and taking a bite of which did feel a lil’ bit odd.. and the reason was cuz.. my mom realised he had used Salted cashews instead of the normal ones.. hence resulting in somewhat Salted chocolate cookies… Altho my dog enjoyed them (LOL).. robbing away one after the another from the dish whilst no one was at watch.

Beverages included the usual soft drinks and some Fruit sodas.. which did add up to my sickness, but can’t deny on your birthday :)…. And finally.. whilst it was time for dinner, the sickness started to show up even more, and I literally had a nice short nap near the oven.. which was busy heating up the pizzas my mom was upto, at 1 in the morning.. Lol.. And the rest.. *burrp* is where this post began with.

The things I did miss this year was as written above, having no college so no meeting up with friends and givin’ them a good enough treat , as well as the online celebration that I had previous year on IRC and the forums. [Check it out]

And before I forget to mention, I’d like to specially thank that special guy, my dear close friend and brother online, who gifted me a domain on my birthday [].. As a hint, it’s the guy mentioned above who first used the forbidden number.. 20.. figure him out

—- And sooo… here ends my awfully X-tra large post.. which rather turned out into an Essay instead… describing all about the Lazy, somewhat boring, yet a fun-filled Birthday… in the start of the 21st Year of the NiSh.

La Fin-

Your comments are appreciated, click the [Reply] button below.

*All times mentioned here are in IST (GMT +5.30) unless specified NSTw (NiSh Standard Time winter = IST +/- 18hrs).

Learn the ‘How to talk to Nish’ Netiquette

Alright so here’s a good time to write about how to get along with a proper chat convo when ur talking with ‘ME’, Nishant! This may sound really silly, but that’s what I have to do since I’ve been getting quite annoyed at the chats I’ve been having from the past couple of years. >.>

These are just the Frequently Asked Questions which are quite common and are the most annoyance when people answer them in the weirdest possible ways. So here goes:….

FAQs and their recommended answers on a Nish convo: (Else earn a Block/Ignore w/e u call it -_- )

  1. Greetings

So u suddenly noticed I’m online ^_^ and start off with the popular Hi Sup? kind of convo… Right.. I had this contact msging me all the time randomly with the same 3 lines of chat:

Hi Wassup? Ok…..

WTF?!!! That looks like a bot to me lol, coz that’s all she’s got to talk, completely nothing else.. So here’s my recommendation. To start off with a convo, Ur allowed to go ahead with a ‘hi’ to ensure im there and not just idling around. NOW, ONLY if, remember ONLY if I’ve been really sick OR been away from quite a long time, ask me this really senseless yet highly used question ‘HOW ARE YOU?’
-__- Well I’m FINE as a Horse galloping away to glory in a marathon, u needn’t ask me that 10 times a day everytime u start with a chat.

2. Silly Queries
Next up is the random ‘what are you doing?’
Well there’s a hell lot of stuff i do at a time (i’m a multi-tasker), I’m chattin on irc, msn, yahoo alongwith posting/blogging, surfing, watching some video, winamp, messing with some php scripts or h4xx0ring sumone, etc..etc..etc.. So u don’t suppose i’m gonna take me time out to write all of that for u, but asking that once in a while is fine, not tons of times a day…

3. Acting like a n00b

Fine ur a n00b, doesn’t mean u go bugging around me just coz i’m nice with u. Everyone’s a n00b at some point, U always keep learning more and more in the world of computers and internet, and each time u get smarter ur once again a n00b at something else.

So the main point is, before u go around bugging me with tons of questions that will be much better answered by the interweb, help urself. I’m always happy to help out friends for anything that I know bout, its my pleasure, but well sometimes it does happen that some idiots just go around asking the lamest of queries that I have absolutely no time for, quite kiddish kind of..
So here’s my advice, I’ll tell u bout a wonderful family that’s ever ready to help u out. I do the same before asking it to anyone, it really saves the embarassment, and instead makes u smarter ;p

Ur Best Friend: Google – The *best* search engine that can get u almost any kind of info that u are always curious about. For any kind of definations, search for ‘define:word’, e.g. define:blog
That’s a really helpful and quickest search query string that’ll get u the defination of any word from the English dictionary whenever u come across sumthing in a chat which u wudn’t like to show out ur n00bness bout not knowing that word to the other person who said it.

Ur Brother: Wikipedia – Next is ur brother, Wikipedia is one of the best online encyclopedia around. It can give u pages and pages of info for all ur school projects, while solving ur queries about a particular stuff that u want to know bout.

Ur Uncle: Torrentspy – All ur queries about where to get this software, and where to get that shud be helped now. Torrents are the best ways to get any kind of softwares/programs/music/games/apps that u require, besides p2p being another alternative. So before u start asking me where I go this and where I got that program, try out Torrentspy, or ur brother (look above). There’s also other good torrent sites like and

4. Audibles, Winks, Nudges, IMVs = EVIL!!!

Next in the series of annoyances is one of the best ones, pieces of torture that come with messengers nowadays. Seriously they don’t go along with decent chats, they’re good for timepass or whenever u wanna really play around with sumone. But with me, NO, unless u wanna show off a new and cool one u got from sumwhere (NOT the defaults ones, i’ve seen them all -_-..)

I’ve got this bad experience of the same bout a year ago when in the middle of the night at around 3 am (the night I forgot to turn off my speakers), a contact starts sending me nudges and winks winks winks and WTF more winks… and im asleep in bed which gets my Dad to enter my room and start fiddling with the speakers to turn them off wondering whats up with them. So I needn’t say anything more, and yes once again, did I forget to mention BUZZ!!, the Yahoo! equivalent of nudges, it gets really frustrating when sumone keeps doing that even when ur chatting with him/her… WTF? WHAT DO U WANT ANYWAYS, IM HERE TALKING WITH U.. YTF WUD U STILL WANNA BUZZ ME…. and don’t even bother to, since I’ve disabled every part of that torture that I’ve mentioned above, so I wont get ur buzzes or nudges, imvs, audibles, w/e…

…. and more to come soon, visit back soon for the continuation