Get invited for New Orkut version


Winning invitees:

Swarnava Seal

Vineeth Jose




Sunny Sayantan



Pranav Pujara


Rachit Seth Vivek Agrawal

— Please add me on Orkut if you are not my ‘friend’. Invites can only be sent to friends.

Thanks everyone for commenting. Try your luck at getting invited directly by Google via


Alright I’m not going to stress much on What’s the new Orkut thingy.. read it here:

I luckily noticed this button on my account now:

new orkut

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Get your Google Wave invite from me


Comment below to get nominated.

I finally receive the Inviter wave from Google in my wave inbox, after me being on Wave since October 15 (past 2 weeks).

Google Wave invites

Since I’ve got a generous 20 invites to spare for all of my dear tweeps & other good friends anxious to try out the new craze, I thought it best to manage a blog entry to list out confirmed invitations & for others to request one from me.

I’m keeping one invite reserved for me, so as to get more invites to share further.

Please comment back on the entry if you wish to request an invite if there is a free slot available in the list below. Please also note that invitations are not sent instantly, it may take upto 2-4 days for it to arrive in your Inbox.

For those already on Google Wave, you may add me ‘’.

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