Get your Google Wave invite from me


Comment below to get nominated.

I finally receive the Inviter wave from Google in my wave inbox, after me being on Wave since October 15 (past 2 weeks).

Google Wave invites

Since I’ve got a generous 20 invites to spare for all of my dear tweeps & other good friends anxious to try out the new craze, I thought it best to manage a blog entry to list out confirmed invitations & for others to request one from me.

I’m keeping one invite reserved for me, so as to get more invites to share further.

Please comment back on the entry if you wish to request an invite if there is a free slot available in the list below. Please also note that invitations are not sent instantly, it may take upto 2-4 days for it to arrive in your Inbox.

For those already on Google Wave, you may add me ‘’.

You SHOULD be on my Twitter followers since I’m reserving this only for known people.



RESERVED for more invites

Ankur Goyal (@ankur0412)

Supriya J (@supriyaj)

Jai Shah (@jazzy_js)

Soham Pal (@pikachutrainer)

Swarnava Seal (@silversparx)

Sana Kamal

Prashant Saralaya (@prashsaralaya)

Hemantkumar Jain (@shoOOonya)

Utsav Patel (@ut7av)

Kunal Pradhan

Maclean Lewis

Vivek Agrawal

Rachit Sheth (@rachitslove)

Pratik Joshi

Ankit Agarwal

Zooni Khan (@zoooni)

Aniket  (@bombayrider)

Amit De

Prabhat Attrey (@prabhatattrey)

More invites later. Keep a watch.

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42 Responses to Get your Google Wave invite from me

  1. zhaizhiming says:

    Hello! Could you give one google wave invitation code?thank!

  2. Thanks buddy for the invitation to ask for the invites 😛

  3. Utsav says:

    Can you give me one invitation of wave? Thanks!

  4. jazzy_js says:

    @nish7x thnx dude, now waiting for the invitation 🙂

  5. Utsav says:

    Og forgot, I thought It would be seen by writing my Email ID in your comment post. my Id is

    • Nishant says:

      Sorry Utsav, it’s ok.. I didn’t notice I can only see your email id from Admin panel.. I got it from previous post. Others don’t need to quote email id specifically in comment.

  6. Kunal Pradhan says:

    hey nishant, send me one invite kp.mastermind [at] gmail . com

  7. pratik says:

    send me request…

  8. D’oh! x.x

  9. Nishant says:

    It’s ok just enter email ids in email field, no need to show it in public 🙂

  10. Ra says:

    ME TOO! 😀

  11. Vivek Agrawal says:

    nish send me 1 dont forget xD

  12. SilverSparx says:

    NiShy, can you send my invite over at, thanks again ^^

  13. Utsav says:

    Thank you soo much ! 🙂

  14. zoooni says:

    awww i need one

  15. Nishant says:

    Until then watch this interesting video on the real concept of Wave (many think it’s a social networking site), for those who haven’t seen yet:

  16. Aniket says:

    Ha i need one, 🙂

  17. Amit says:

    Will be thankful if you can send one at the email id provided in my contact form.

  18. Abhijit says:

    dude….please do the honours of invting me..please….

  19. black0xio says:

    Send me an invite mate. 😀 here.

  20. Abhikun says:

    CAn I join Lava Lamp Party?

  21. zoooni says:

    @nish7x aww iam confirmed thanx cant wait to check out wave

  22. zoooni says:

    thank u soooooooooooo much nish

  23. Saurabh says:

    Send me an invite plz

  24. Hari says:


    I would like to get one as well

    thanks in advance

  25. arunzazen says:

    @nish7x I would be very fortunate if you give me that Google wave invitation. Pls give me the invitation. shall I send my email-id via DM?

  26. Deepak says:

    invite me dudue

  27. Abhikun says:

    Do I have a chance of getting one THIS time?

  28. Varun Nayak says:

    heyy nishy…. could I be among the lucky one’s to get a google wave invite from yeh ?? =))

  29. Yogesh says:

    Hey Nish, Thanks for the new orkut that ya gave …
    and really em erging for google wave …
    plz give it a hit on me for google wave ..
    plz ..
    awaitin for +ve …

  30. DEEPAK KAKU says:

    gimme an invitation na

  31. amitshenoy says:

    heyyy mee 2 plzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Advait says:

    Please send me an invite too 🙂

  33. Advait says:

    my e-mail is

    hope u send me an invite

  34. Advait says:

    sry the prev one is wrong

    my e-mail is

  35. Jasim says:

    Send me one dude..

  36. Maxzeroedge says:

    Me wants one too!!

  37. Advait says:

    Thanx alot for the Invite dude 🙂

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