Offline! 2 Months.. or Minutes?

Offline for 2 months..?
Reason? “Had a tough time struggling my space board with the INSAT-1C I collided with whilst playing around in the Medieval ages“.

Did that seem all nonsensical to you? Then READ ON…

Past 2 minutes, oops.. I mean 2 months of an Offline status around instant messengers and social networks did get a ton of worried messages piled up that went ‘Where are you?’ or astonied ones like ‘Nish is offline?!’.

NO! Technically I may have been offline from the virtual hangouts, the period extending upto 2 months, but I was neither off nor is the period correct anywhere near it.

April 5 was the day, after a fine conversation with a few contacts on Orkut, I decided to take some time off the online routines and get some fresh air out space-surfing around Xeus.

My space surf-board was not in sight and I felt I had probably left it back at the previous orbit I surfed across. Alternatively, I hopped inside my spaceship and drove across the Nexus City (New South Xeus) constellations, with my time-traveller gadget ready to revive some nostalgic moments back in history. I did switch it on at once, but this time I chose the Virtual mode (unlike the Realtime mode which physically transports you back into time) just because I was a bit too lazy to physically go venturing into the past.

The Medieval ages.. Ah! How random.. Around 1269AD, that’s where I lowered down the traveller spinner and halted it down to get into the era. Before I could even get the chance to explore the land around and blog it here for you, I suddenly felt a loud jerk on the spaceship, which after peeking out I got to know I had accidently flown into the wrong path and collided with the INSAT-1C satellite that orbits the Earth. Due to the sudden collision, while I was mentally (virtually) amidst a time travelling process, the system got disrupted and I got virtually stuck fluctuating up and down in time. Because of this, the TTSU (Time Travel Synchronization Unit) that keeps your virtual time in sync with the current time, which is later needed to revive you back to the present, got out of sync.

This collision and getting out of sync landed me into a 2 min state of mind that was mentally lost in time, while the Auto Defense Mechanism (ADM) of the space-ship tried to get off the INSAT-1C track. Once I was back on the right path, the Time Traveller Auto Revival System (TTARS) managed to get me back to my present time state.

Later, I realized that due to the de-sync in time and whatever else went on during the entire collision, which had probably just appeared as a 2 min period to me, but was actually a whole 45 day time period that elapsed on Earth.

So in conclusion, I was actually just away for 2 mins back in space, but on Earth it was a period of 45 days all passed away in an instant. The rest few days until now have been spent trying to recover back home from this mental trauma, and finally I’M BACK ONLINE!!

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4 Responses to Offline! 2 Months.. or Minutes?

  1. Born2hack says:

    only one thing can be said ROFLMFAO

  2. Blaziken 75 says:

    I agree with “born2hack” >.>, nice one though xD.

  3. harrytendulkar says:

    as always, quite fantastic reason. And Have you ever been to My House which is near to yours in Nexus?

    Please return back my Space Ship which you borrow in the Ancient Age (As you know which is before Medieval Age).

  4. Nem says:

    Oh wow!
    I totally understood every part of it…
    (Nem tries to be sarcastic, but couldn’t)

    ok spill the beens bro, where had you actually been?

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