Learn the ‘How to talk to Nish’ Netiquette

Alright so here’s a good time to write about how to get along with a proper chat convo when ur talking with ‘ME’, Nishant! This may sound really silly, but that’s what I have to do since I’ve been getting quite annoyed at the chats I’ve been having from the past couple of years. >.>

These are just the Frequently Asked Questions which are quite common and are the most annoyance when people answer them in the weirdest possible ways. So here goes:….

FAQs and their recommended answers on a Nish convo: (Else earn a Block/Ignore w/e u call it -_- )

  1. Greetings

So u suddenly noticed I’m online ^_^ and start off with the popular Hi Sup? kind of convo… Right.. I had this contact msging me all the time randomly with the same 3 lines of chat:

Hi Wassup? Ok…..

WTF?!!! That looks like a bot to me lol, coz that’s all she’s got to talk, completely nothing else.. So here’s my recommendation. To start off with a convo, Ur allowed to go ahead with a ‘hi’ to ensure im there and not just idling around. NOW, ONLY if, remember ONLY if I’ve been really sick OR been away from quite a long time, ask me this really senseless yet highly used question ‘HOW ARE YOU?’
-__- Well I’m FINE as a Horse galloping away to glory in a marathon, u needn’t ask me that 10 times a day everytime u start with a chat.

2. Silly Queries
Next up is the random ‘what are you doing?’
Well there’s a hell lot of stuff i do at a time (i’m a multi-tasker), I’m chattin on irc, msn, yahoo alongwith posting/blogging, surfing, watching some video, winamp, messing with some php scripts or h4xx0ring sumone, etc..etc..etc.. So u don’t suppose i’m gonna take me time out to write all of that for u, but asking that once in a while is fine, not tons of times a day…

3. Acting like a n00b

Fine ur a n00b, doesn’t mean u go bugging around me just coz i’m nice with u. Everyone’s a n00b at some point, U always keep learning more and more in the world of computers and internet, and each time u get smarter ur once again a n00b at something else.

So the main point is, before u go around bugging me with tons of questions that will be much better answered by the interweb, help urself. I’m always happy to help out friends for anything that I know bout, its my pleasure, but well sometimes it does happen that some idiots just go around asking the lamest of queries that I have absolutely no time for, quite kiddish kind of..
So here’s my advice, I’ll tell u bout a wonderful family that’s ever ready to help u out. I do the same before asking it to anyone, it really saves the embarassment, and instead makes u smarter ;p

Ur Best Friend: Google – The *best* search engine that can get u almost any kind of info that u are always curious about. For any kind of definations, search for ‘define:word’, e.g. define:blog
That’s a really helpful and quickest search query string that’ll get u the defination of any word from the English dictionary whenever u come across sumthing in a chat which u wudn’t like to show out ur n00bness bout not knowing that word to the other person who said it.

Ur Brother: Wikipedia – Next is ur brother, Wikipedia is one of the best online encyclopedia around. It can give u pages and pages of info for all ur school projects, while solving ur queries about a particular stuff that u want to know bout.

Ur Uncle: Torrentspy – All ur queries about where to get this software, and where to get that shud be helped now. Torrents are the best ways to get any kind of softwares/programs/music/games/apps that u require, besides p2p being another alternative. So before u start asking me where I go this and where I got that program, try out Torrentspy, or ur brother (look above). There’s also other good torrent sites like Mininova.org and Demonoid.com.

4. Audibles, Winks, Nudges, IMVs = EVIL!!!

Next in the series of annoyances is one of the best ones, pieces of torture that come with messengers nowadays. Seriously they don’t go along with decent chats, they’re good for timepass or whenever u wanna really play around with sumone. But with me, NO, unless u wanna show off a new and cool one u got from sumwhere (NOT the defaults ones, i’ve seen them all -_-..)

I’ve got this bad experience of the same bout a year ago when in the middle of the night at around 3 am (the night I forgot to turn off my speakers), a contact starts sending me nudges and winks winks winks and WTF more winks… and im asleep in bed which gets my Dad to enter my room and start fiddling with the speakers to turn them off wondering whats up with them. So I needn’t say anything more, and yes once again, did I forget to mention BUZZ!!, the Yahoo! equivalent of nudges, it gets really frustrating when sumone keeps doing that even when ur chatting with him/her… WTF? WHAT DO U WANT ANYWAYS, IM HERE TALKING WITH U.. YTF WUD U STILL WANNA BUZZ ME…. and don’t even bother to, since I’ve disabled every part of that torture that I’ve mentioned above, so I wont get ur buzzes or nudges, imvs, audibles, w/e…

…. and more to come soon, visit back soon for the continuation

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