Pokemon Heart Gold & Soul Silver Pre-order Goodies

BLAH NOT FAIR!! >=( Hmphh!! First I pre-ordered Pokemon Platinum earlier this year, as early as 2 months before the game released, from Play-Asia, yet I was deprived of the Giratina figurine that was offered alongwith pre-orders BUT to those living in the US and buying it from participating stores like Gamestop or Toys R Us.

Once again, I’m all set to pre-order Pokemon Heart Gold (I’d prefer Soul Silver colour-wise, but Ho-Oh’s my favorite 🙂 so…) and I’m not going to get the priviledge of owning these pre-order figurines that will be sold to buyers in Japan.


Ho-Oh goes to those buying Heart Gold, Lugia to ones with Soul Silver, while those pre-ordering both shall get both as well as Arceus.

We pay the SAME! Or even more, plus the shipping in some cases. Then WHY aren’t online stores like Play-Asia given the chance to participate in these goodies give-aways 🙁

On a separate note, one of the reasons me considering buying this Japanese game is just for the sake of the Pedometer device bundled with it. I wouldn’t normally pay this high amount of $60 for a DS game, atleast not Japanese. Infact, I’m faced with the torture of bearing 2 weeks after the game release to be waiting for my game to be shipped and received here, while looking at other players happily playing away on emulators or the ROMs on their consoles (which I could, but it’d spoil the fun if I am already getting a paid cartridge of the same).

Anyway, if you’re interested in booking your copies of the games right away, don’t hesitate to do so. Play-Asia is very quick in shipping pre-orders, my experience being during the Pokemon Platinum release earlier this March. Below are links to help you reach the purchase pages.

Pre-Order Pokemon Heart Gold now!
heart gold

Pre-Order Pokemon Soul Silver now!
soul silver

First Game Trailer (with Pedometer preview)