You’re Watching Disney Channel – Bumper videos

“Hi! I’m NiSh, and you’re watching Nishant’s Blog!” 😉

Alright just bumped (pun intended) into these bumper videos on Youtube, also luckily found a combined video with (almost all of) them in one. I personally enjoy these bumpers shown before the start of a show, especially the different ways they show the stars draw the Disney logo and all is so much fun (I kinda wanna do it once myself 😉 ). And if you notice, the background music played in them are also pretty cool, a few are their generic ones that they even make use of in the ‘Coming up next’ show bumpers.

My favorite bumpers would be of Selena Gomez ♥, David Henrie, Jake T Austin (alright I’m biased here being a WoWP fan 🙂 ), Tinkerbell Fairies, Georgie Henley, Kermit the Frog

Anyway.. enjoy! Might as well bring some nostalgia for a few 🙂

*Thanks to xSonnyFanx for the uber compilation*

Also check this one out, it’s one of the few not included in the above combined video, but it’s really cool, I love the bgmusic in it. Watch below.

For more individual bumper videos, click here to Search Youtube.