Nintendo 3DS – New Super Mario Bros. 2 E3 Trailer

The real sequel to NSMB DS is here, named NSMB 2. However, this time for the 3DS. This is kind of expected since the DS titles have to die in order for the 3DS to gain share. As I shared screenshots for this game 2 blogposts earlier, Nintendo has now released the trailer for the same.

The game isn’t that much of an exciting feel as much as Super Mario 3D Land was, nevertheless, it is quite something to look out for, to every Mario fan out there. If you’ve played NSMB endlessly and need a fresh new set of levels, here’s the game with it. However, fun additions are included, one being the always anticipated P-wing. The mushroom kingdom is also flooded with coins and more coins this time, making it seem like bonus stages all around. In fact collecting the most coins is one of the aims in the game.

EDIT: Co-Op gameplay

Realized this feature after watching the Software Showcase trailer for the game the next day. Now THIS, would probably be one of the big reasons to anticipate the game. I always wished for this feature on NSMB (1), because the multiplayer on it wasn’t part of the main game, instead a rather boring level to simply collect stars.

Look forward to buying the game this August.

E3 trailer:

E3 Solo & Gameplay video:
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New Super Mario Bros. 2 for 3DS announced!

YAY! A new Mario handheld game, just within a year since the previous one, Super Mario 3D Land released. The sequel to New Super Mario Bros. for the DS, is here, however this time for the 3DS. Announced for release via Nintendo Direct for this August of 2012.

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I’m not sure if I should rejoice or frown at the fact that it is for the 3DS, since I don’t own a 3DS yet at the time of posting this, only a DS Lite. But I welcome the change in the console, if the game, compared to its predecessor, actually has something new that only 3DS can offer. Yeah yeah, the 3D is still there.

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CNN kid grows up with Halo, reviews 3DS

Credits to is the worst and one of the most immature video reviews I’ve ever come across. It’s.. not even close to being biased either, as any of the countless DS vs PSP videos I’ve ever seen. News people like CNN should definitely stick to just news, what they (might be) good at. Or at least hire a real hardcore gamer for review purposes, not someone (some kid rather pretending to be so young so as to have) ‘grown up with Halo’, LOL. That line still gives me the LMFAO lolwut?

Watch the CNN video clip that follows below to make more sense out of my statements:

That person has my sympathy. Seriously, I feel bad for his ignorance and maybe his fate, that had him live under a rock for the past 7 years or so. This is really sad and unfortunate for a news channel to have hired such a wannabe gamer.

Here, I needn’t say much, read one of the several rants that came up on the Internet about this:

Oh and if you’ve gotten this far, do check out all the 100+ comments on that page as well, that would save me time from writing the same out here on this post, lol.

I rather thought someone ought to have initiated a viral Twitter attack on CNN, and also this Halo ‘kid’, so as to make them feel ashamed and humiliated enough to stay away from hitting on real gamers this hard in the future (well except for the devoted Apple and Sony non-Nintendo fanboys who’d rather crave for more like these).

Disclaimer: I respect the guy for whatever tech reviewing he must be upto otherwise on his job. Not entirely bashing him at a personal level.

Link credits: Petey

Super Mario for Nintendo 3DS!

YES! The trailers are finally revealed. For the past couple of months, I’ve waited for this day in June when the E3 conference would be held, and Nintendo would offer a sneak peak into the game. Until now, all we knew was that it’s going to be a 3D game, and the return of the Racoon suit. But.. after watching the trailer LIVE on the E3 broadcast.. I was astounded. Take a look at the Official Trailer:

OKAY! So the trailer gave a demo of the amazing 3D world and the enemies and power-ups the game has to offer. I was okay until that point. Yes, I desperately needed a 3DS to play it. However, the next day or so, I discover THIS:

And THAT is what FREAKS ME OUT. AAAAAAAAAA!!! What the..
The familiar 1-2 world we’ve played in the classic games, completey revamped to a fresh new 3D look. That is really what you can call a 3D version of the actual Super Mario Bros. platform games. It is like.. taking the 2.5D New Super Mario Bros. to an entirely new 3D level. I always wondered how they would pull it off, or rather, how would the platformer look in 3D. I thought it would resemble the other 3D games we’ve had, like Super Mario 64, which don’t really come close to the platform version. They are somewhat different in their own way.  Continue reading

Using Mayflash Wi-Fi Link dongle in Vista / Windows 7

As all owners of this Wi-Fi dongle must have gone through this issue, probably the most of them have not found a solution or workaround yet, and stick to using Windows XP or a virtual XP machine on Vista/7 to use the dongle for connection to DS.  By default, the dongle installs as an Atheros adapter in Vista/7, which can be used as an ‘Ad-hoc’ connection for setting up Wi-Fi, but it only works for laptops and other network devices. Nintendo DS does not seem to be assigned an IP automatically.

PA.67449.002[ Click to buy one for your DS/PSP/Laptop ]

After a year of annoyance trying to use Virtual XP for DS, I’ve finally found a working solution. Let me share the same with you in simple steps.

  1. Get (Mirror link)
  2. Install the ZDWlan driver. Vista/7 might have already installed your Wifi dongle with the Atheros device. Force it to install the ZDWlan driver from Device Manager as ‘Update driver’ ‘Let me choose on my own’ ‘Have Disk’ and navigating to C:\Program Files\ZyDAS Technology Corporation\ZyDAS_802.11g_Utility\InsDrvTemp_USB and choose ZD1211BU.INF.


  3. Now run the ZDWlan utility. As you’ll notice it will simply appear for a second on the taskbar and vanish, while it is still running in the background (taskmgr). End the process. Right-click ZDWlan application and give it Windows 2000 compatibility with Administrator privileges (or Windows 2003 if that doesn’t work). Now the main application interface will open once you click on the ZD icon in tray.
  4. Choose Mode: Access Point. And in the Bridge Adaptor settings, choose your Internet adaptor.


  5. Ensure that ICS is turned off on your Internet adaptor settings.


  6. Get NAT32 and
  7. Install both. Now open NAT32. Select Internet adaptor as ‘Internet’ and Wifi dongle adaptor as ‘Private’



  8. Hit Apply twice until you get this window.


  9. Now select the Access point from your Nintendo DS WFC menu, do not set any IPs, test connection.. and voila! =D