CyanogenMod 7 on Galaxy Ace

Back when my phone was new in the dev scene, around May 2011, there was just 1 custom ROM (VillianROM) which I played around with and ended up screwing up my phone and faced service center woes. Finally gathered up the courage to return to the flashing scene, after having dozens of ROMs out there for my phone now, and having gotten bored of the same old look and feel past few months.

CM 7 Galaxy Ace bootscreen animation

CM 7 Galaxy Ace bootscreen animation

CyanogenMod is one of the most popular ROMs out there for Android phones, and it being currently in RC stage for Galaxy Ace, I decided to try it out. Kind of pleased with the smooth window animations and power features available; however most excited about the Theme Chooser, which is one step ahead of theming simply your launcher, by applying new looks to your status bar/its icons/keyboard/and the rest of the system UI (best part being any MDPI CM 7 theme downloadable out there will work, nothing device specific I suppose). Quite a few bugs around the ROM for now, since it isn’t yet a final version. I’m having to mess around with the system files then and now. But surely try it out if you’re a rooted user.

How to install CM 7 on Galaxy Ace

I don’t intend to make this a detailed walkthrough post, but in case the snapshots tempt you, here’s a little setup in brief, assuming you’re an advanced user.

  1. You must be on a stock or custom Gingerbread ROM. (eg. KPE, DDKQ6, etc.)
  2. Install ClockworkMod Recovery for Galaxy Ace by copying the zip to SD Card and applying it from the stock recovery.
  3. Stock recovery will be replaced by CWM. Download CM 7 and fixes
    New stable version by FrozenAceTeam (Maps working now):
  4. Boot up CWM and backup your current ROM first (Make sure you have enough space on SD card ~300MBs else backup will be broken). Next, clear data/factory reset/cache. Install zip from SD Card and select CyanogenMod. After it is installed, download FM Radio Fix and flash it, if you require FM Radio.
  5. Reboot phone and enjoy CM 7!
UPDATE to CM 7.2

If you’ve already installed the above CM 7.1, here’s the update to it.

  1. Download CWM 5 and flash it in Recovery.
  2. Download  CyanogenMod 7.2-COOPER-KANG-AXEL-RC1 and flash in Recovery. Wipe cache. (Data wipe not needed since upgrading from CM 7.1) Reboot.
  3. In case you have issues with Google apps, flash GAPPS in Recovery. (If apps like GMail still force close, restore the previous working version using Titanium)


Sharing a few awesome snapshots of my CM 7 revamped Galaxy Ace. Themes applied vary.

[nggallery id=1]


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132 Responses to CyanogenMod 7 on Galaxy Ace

  1. Tanmay says:

    Woah, looks awesome. Will be installing when I get some time. Hope I don’t mess up with my phone

  2. Simar Bindra says:

    hey i’m using official rom 2.3.4 and i would like to know are there any bugs in dis rom or not..??
    and if not would you help me to flash to cynagenmod in my ace..
    thanks nishant ur screens are awesome..

    • Nishant says:

      This isn’t an official CM7 port, it is done by some enthusiastic developers so not final version yet. However feel free to try it out, as I haven’t encountered any bugs really, except WiFi and Data weren’t working once, I just reflashed and it worked. Follow my steps above from the post, and if you still want help with any, let me know. Good luck!

  3. Deepak says:

    Any news on the official version yet ?

  4. amar says:

    Hi, hve galaxy ace, lyk u i also brckd my fone(within 3 days, whle dwnldng a lst of availble roms from “rom manager”)) i wanna kno can i revert bck to my stock rom if i wnt nd how???? Plz do reply..

    • Nishant says:

      ROM Manager is a NO NO for Galaxy Ace. Stay AWAY from it. It will completely brick your phone beyond recovery.. leaving the only way possible would be for you to visit your service center. However don’t mention you messed around with it, just got screwed on its own. Else your warranty will be void. Just try if this works however: Remove battery, keep power + volume + home keys pressed, and slide in the battery while they’re still pressed. If this doesn’t work either, then service center time.

  5. amar says:

    Though im rootd nd usng rootd apps, hve no idea abt rom’s,,, do tll the pros nd cons

  6. amar says:

    Thnks, ill try ths cm7…. Can i mke a bckup of the stck rom?? Coz if i flash my ace with cm7 im sure the wrrty will get void..

    • Nishant says:

      Yes you can backup. Read step 4 above. And don’t worry, warranty isn’t void as long as you don’t hand over a phone which has traces of flashing or rooting. Give them either something that doesn’t boot at all, or the stock ROM.

  7. amar says:

    Factory reset?? Thtll wll compltly rmve all my apps nd evn sd apps wll gt scrwd wont thy?

    • Nishant says:

      Well, you have already screwed up everything after installing ROM manager. In any case, there is always Titanium Backup PRO for easy backup and restore of apps + data.

  8. amar says:

    Flashed with cm7… airtel gprs nd camera wrnt workng so reflashed nd everythngs fne.. but Google lattitude nd maps force closnng 🙁

  9. Anuj says:

    Hey I flashed my phone with this rom…
    It works great… Only 2 problems..
    1 swype won’t work…
    2 google maps not working….
    I can live without swype as it has lots of alternatives such as shapewriter n touchpal…
    However, google maps is required is there a way to make google maps work properly?
    One more.thing… The backup I.made using clockwork dint restore back my stock rom… I had to use odin 🙁 hence I lost all my apps n settings… Can clockwork restore the stock or always bricked and only odin is the option?
    I would love to use this rom but really need maps… Please help me

    • Nishant says:

      Try this for Maps:

      As for backup, always batch backup apps + data using Titanium Backup PRO, so you can easily restore it after a data wipe. I’m not sure about Clockwork’s stock ROM backup not working, as I haven’t yet tried to restore that backup myself. But yeah you needn’t worry about that if you use Titanium Backup PRO.

    • Nishant says:

      I was also a fan of Swype earlier, but I discovered Gingerbread keyboard far better, and because my hands get moist sometimes and I am not able to swipe well, tapping keys with autocorrect feels better, and Gingerbread keyboard has one of the best layouts and feel. However, if you really need Swype, back it up using Titanium from stock ROM then restore it back in custom ROM.

    • Nishant says:

      Okay, update the link, this one is the latest GMaps version:

    • Nishant says:

      Hi, please check post for new stable version link, as well as FM Radio fix. This CM works better, and Maps works too!

  10. Anuj says:

    But for using titanium u have to root ur phone right?
    I downloaded the google apps thing… How do I install it?

    • Nishant says:

      Yeah, you need rooted phone for Titanium, which is a fairly quick and simple process if you haven’t yet done so.

      Copy the APK file you downloaded, to your SD card, then open it from My Files.

  11. Anuj says:

    I mean that zip.file link u posted how do I install that? I think the google maps still force close…. Coz I guess ours the same thing on the market… I already had that

    • Nishant says:

      Yes, copy the APK file to your SD card, then open it from the file manager on your phone. It will install. If you still have problems, then try the previous link I gave for gapps.

  12. Anuj says:

    And is there any theme with htc flip clock? (A clock that actually flips not just looks like a flip clock)

  13. Anuj says:

    And what about the signed zip file? How to install that? From recovery? Or setting?

    • Nishant says:

      Install it from CWM recovery. Hope that solves the problem, because otherwise I haven’t yet encountered this issue so cannot suggest much. However I have read that the latest GMaps version does force close and all, so that could be the issue.

  14. Anuj says:

    And does the clock flip? I have fancy widget pro with htc clock skin but the clock doesn’t flip… Only looks like a flip clock…

    • Nishant says:

      Okay I just checked, doesn’t seem like it flips. But that’s the closest I’ve found as of yet, and also seen people suggesting the same, so if you got the time then try it out. The weather animations however are very neat!

  15. Anuj says:

    But that google apps is a zip file not an apk will it work as a direct install?

    • Nishant says:

      Zip files that have two folders called META-INF and system, are supposed to be flashed. Only APK files can be directly installed from the file manager.

  16. Anuj says:

    Okay then thank you for all the help I shall flash again once the battery gets charged up

  17. amar says:

    Airtel net nd stock camera startd working aftr reflashng cm7.. as for google maps it fnly strtd wrkng proprly aftr reptd force closures of arnd 4-5 tyms…
    Cm7 though has nce features, twks nd beautifl ui,, bttty lyf has gne dwn.. evn aftr: 1)dsblng vibration fdbck,, 2)dsblng live wllpapr. 3) supr lw brghtnss(root).. cn u sugst ny tips or trcks,,

    • Nishant says:

      Check out the update to CM 7.2 I posted above. Also, have you tried the allinone RAM script MOD? Read that it speeds up performance a bit while multi-tasking. Can’t suggest much except just try out whatever works for you. Battery life for me has always been low on Ace. During continuous usage, battery drains off in 4-5 hours.

  18. amar says:

    If u r an avid gmr can u sugst me sme nce games?

    • Nishant says:

      I don’t really play much games on the phone anymore. If you’re looking for some HD games, then there’s NFS Shift, Assasin’s Creed being a few I’ve tried and which work well. Maybe you can check out these that I found someone suggesting on another forum, and tried and tested to work on Ace:
      1. H.A.W.X HD,
      2. Gt Racing Motor Academy HD
      3. Galaxy on Fire
      4. Hero Of Sparta HD
      5. The Last Defender HD
      6. Pes 2011
      7. Brother In Arms 2
      8. NFS Shift
      9. Eternal Legacy
      10. Asphalt 5 HD
      11. Assassin’s Creed™ – Altaïr’s Chronicles HD
      12. Real Football 2011 HD
      13. Modern Combat: Sandstorm
      14. Gangstar: Miami Vindication HD
      15. Gangstar: West Coast Hustle HD
      16. Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance – N.O.V.A. HD
      17. Star Battalion HD
      18. No Gravity
      19. Dungeon Hunter : First Wave
      20. Dungeon Defenders HD

  19. Nalin says:

    your blog is very helpful. I hv installed the update cm 7.2. but i want to overclock my ace. Can u suggest me how to overclock coz cm 7 does not provide further frequencies other than 800max or 122min.

    • Nishant says:

      There is an OC kernel you can use which supports overclocking. However I don’t think it’s worth yet since the most people have gone is around 830MHz beyond which the phone starts acting or heating up, and it could damage your phone. Better to be safe and stick to 800 for now.

  20. Simar Bindra says:

    What Is The advantages of cm7.2 them stock 2.3.4

    • Nishant says:

      Using custom ROMs is simply done because stock ROMs have a lot of unwanted apps like TouchWiz in Samsung, and others that take up space. CyanogenMod is one of the most popular ones and you can check out features here: Mostly they’re all changes in the internal system, but extra features like Themes support and DSP Equalizer are provided. Just try out everything and if you like then use it else revert back to the stock ROM, which I doubt you will. 🙂 The best I like is Themes support. However, only proceed if you are an advanced user, and are aware of flashing and fixing things in case something goes wrong.

  21. Nalin says:

    I am facing some problems after updating to cm7.2. My proximity sensor does not work and yesterday the vibrating motor also stopped working. please help..
    Also i want to by a tablet, m thinkin’ of ideapad k1. Is it a good choice.

    • Nishant says:

      Yeah, sorry to not inform you in advance that proximity sensor doesn’t work yet on the upgrade. I’ll re-post here when a solution comes up. Not sure about the vibrating part.. Are you sure nothing was disabled from the settings? Haptic feedback, etc.?

      I’m not much in the know-how about tablets. Ideapad K1 does seem a pretty good deal, having Honeycomb and gfx accelerator and HD playback and all. But apparently it has some issues with unlocking I read here: They suggest the Galaxy Tab 10.1 instead.

  22. Nalin says:

    Thanks for replying. I restarted the phone 2-3 times and then the vibration problem was solved but I hv one issue. When the mobile is on sleep mode, the two capacitive touch buttons glow up all by themselves without any reason and it keeps on happening. What I thought was may be the cpu was in use. But could you provide some feedback for the same. The screen remains off when this happens. I read about the K1, the unlocking problem will be solved after an update, and the fresh stock with 3G will be available the next month, so m thinking to go for it.

    • Nishant says:

      I suppose then the K1 seems good enough when compared with Archos and SGT 10.1 🙂 And yeah, that’s another bug in 7.2, along with the proximity sensor, the BLN buttons also light up randomly. Same is with me. I guess something or the other will come up soon to fix it, maybe a patch or another upgrade.

  23. Nalin says:

    Please tell about the radio app as it is also unavailable in cm7.2 !!!

    • Nishant says:

      Oh didn’t notice that.. Weird how things are taken off the upgrade. Don’t you have the previous FM Radio backed up in Titanium? Anyway I’ll look up for alternatives hold on..

  24. Nandakishore says:

    Hey man, after flashing, got stuck at black screen that says android, and does not boot further!! Please help

    • Nishant says:

      Did you clear data and cache? Try re-flashing again if it helps. Else flash back to stock via Odin.

      • Nandakishore says:

        Thanks For the Reply dude, Did that and got back to (Russian) gingerbread. tried re-flashing and worked like a charm, now running 7.1
        7.2 has Rom manager in, it is it safe, and also it seems to have not got the live wallpapers menu.
        radio and Bluetooth seems to be working fine in 7.1.
        Sorry for many questions but i am a n00b to flashing. 🙂

        • Nishant says:

          Ah yeah quite a lot of things are missing in 7.2, I suppose it was better to stay on 7.1. And I’m not a pro either in flashing, but I have the same question about Rom Manager when I noticed it in the app drawer, since it’s kinda scary for us Ace users hehe. I suppose you don’t need ROM manager anyway, just do the upgrade business in CWM and stay safe.

          • Nandakishore says:

            Currently running 7.1 and its Awesome.
            i am encountering some problems here
            -adw launcher force closes frequently now
            -also about gapps should i update from zip or install it from zip. to not loose any data

          • Nishant says:

            Ah, I’ve not had problems with ADW. But if you are, then I suppose just flash the ROM again or else switch to a different launcher like GO. The ‘install’ and ‘update’ options in CWM are the same, just that update only flashes a file named, and install lets you flash any file named differently. Only flash GApps if you are having problems with any of the Google apps. And data is all online right, all your Google-related, so you won’t lose in any case.

        • Nishant says:

          Hi, please check post for new stable version link, as well as FM Radio fix. This CM works better, and Maps works as well.

  25. Simar says:

    i just got clockwork mod on my ace.
    wanted to knw any bugs on cm7.2 ?
    and r u using ice cream sandwich theme for cm7 in screenshots ?

    • Nishant says:

      I suggest not to move on to 7.2 yet, as the proximity sensor isn’t working, FM radio app is missing, the backlit buttons light up randomly when phone is on standby, and I don’t see any improvements in battery either. Stay with 7.1 if everything is working good enough. And yeah, there are a lot of ICS themes in the Market for Theme Chooser. I’m using ICS in few screenshots, and LunarUI in others.

  26. Simar says:

    Ohk Thanks For The Advise..
    Tell Me If I’M Wrong –
    first i hav cwm 4.0.09
    backup old rom
    den factory reset using cwm
    den wipe up cache
    den update from sd card the rom..
    please help me cause im thinking to flash it today by night..

  27. Simar says:

    and if i dnt like i can revert back to my stock na ??

    • Nishant says:

      Yup, that’s the procedure. And about reverting to stock, hope you are acquainted with ODIN because I have heard restoring back the CWM ROM backup hasn’t worked for few people, so then you might have to use ODIN to revert back. And always backup everything with Titanium Backup PRO first, so you need not go installing every app from the market again, and retain old data.

  28. Simar says:

    Yeah Will Do That Using Titanium Backup pro..
    But Are You Sure Bout No Bugs..???
    And Can U give me some more screenshots..
    and i hav also heard the gapps are not available on them..?? is it true..??
    and wat is zip fix for..??
    i tried to find you on facebook but i cant please add me so that i can chat wid u while flashing..
    thanks again..

    • Nishant says:

      Sorry, my Facebook is currently deactivated for reasons, but you can add me on Gtalk ‘nishmudkip’.
      About bugs, not really, and you can always revert back to stock ROM so no harm trying. Zip fix is for a little system tweaks that were done after CM 7.1 was out. Google apps work fine usually, but if they don’t, then you can flash given above. Screenshots.. well the ones shown above should be enough, there isn’t anything more new.

  29. Simar says:

    added u on gtalk..

  30. Simar says:

    Wats ur quadrant score?

  31. amar says:

    Hi 🙂 ,, my cm7 sudnly started hanging “alot”.. i surf the ,, default browser hangs, i use latitude tht also hangs,, instlld arnd 50 apps( kpt restarting aftr full boot).. “coz of the probs hve flashed cm7 atlst 4 tyms” tll now.. so tried going back to stock rom via cwm nandroid backup, bt alas it dint work 🙁
    any suggestions?? do u have stock rom nd can u tll me how to flash it, i blve stock has to be done via “odin”.. thanks in advance

    • Nishant says:

      Yeah, flash back KPH, you’ll find it on samfirmware, using ODIN. I’ve heard as well that Nandroid restore doesn’t work. Well I don’t face that many hangs, yeah a few slowdowns, but I have Advanced Task Killer widget to kill all the unwanted processes whenever needed.

  32. amar says:

    else wht all roms r compatible? i tried gingercrutz and icecream “sunday”( but shwd no diffrnce, bth use cm7 as backbone),,

    • Nishant says:

      I’ve just tried VillianROM, which is very old now, Sunday and CM 7. Yet to try the other ones though since I find it too much of work to restore back apps and data all the time, and usually just check what the thread replies have to say about it.

  33. amar says:

    KPH?? thts for russia,,

    • Nishant says:

      Yes, but firmwares like KPH are full packages i.e. they contain the entire ROM. Whereas ROMs for India like DDKC or DDKQ are one-package files, just containing upgrade.. so usually they don’t work if directly flashed over something else. But yeah, try it directly if you want to save time, just flash KQ6. If things don’t work out, then do it the KPH way.

    • Nishant says:

      I mean flash KPH and then KQ6, if simply flashing KQ6 doesn’t work out.

  34. amar says:

    i hd download S5830ODDKQ5 dint find any binary files, hve the ops though, afrd of brcking my fone,, so like u said wll frst do KPH and then KP6..

    • Nishant says:

      No don’t worry it shouldn’t brick your phone, usually just soft brick which means it gets stuck at boot screen, but that’s fixable by flashing again by other methods.

  35. amar says:

    k first doing S5830SERKPH 2.34 russia and then S5830METKP6 2.3.5 Ireland (Meteor)

  36. amar says:
    S5830SEKKP6 2.3.4 Ukraine
    S5830METKP6 2.3.5 Ireland (Meteor)
    with kp6 only thz are availble, ukraine has 2.3.4 and ireland 2.3.5, so i thot ireland one would b better choice

  37. amar says:

    haan bhai bhartiya naagrik heen hoon, maaf karyegaa for naive nd lme questions

  38. amar says:

    finally happy, returned to stock,, made a backup of bloatware nd uninstalled the orignals(got spce 🙂 ,, anyway of gettng scripts to work in stock rom? social hub premium?

  39. amar says:

    If possible can u zip up nd upload this folder . Waz tryng to rip social hub premium,i thot lyk office polaris ths too would easily get rippd, bt gt stck

  40. Abhirav Kumar says:

    You Have cmentioned all over the post to flash it with but what does flash means install from zip or update from zip

    • Nishant says:

      Yeah I did mention that in one of the comments above, that Update is to flash a file named on your SD card, whereas Install is used if the file is named something else and in another folder.

  41. vishal says:

    Thanks Dude, I could flash CM7.1 without any issues. This is a useful post, need your permission to put the steps on my blog.

  42. brjarodiya says:

    Can you please guide me how to go back to stock rom 2.3.4 from cyanogenmod 7.1. i have galaxy ace, and i updated it to cynogenmod 7.1. i tried it through ODIN 4.38 but it is not recognising my phone. is there any other version of ODIN for cynogen7.1. please help me.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Nishant says:

      When you put your phone in Download mode, while ‘Downloading..’ message flashes on screen, your computer does not detect any hardware plugged in?

  43. stkertix says:

    hi, I’m a newbie..
    i have XXKPH baseband, can I follow this tutorial?

    thanks.. 😀

  44. Simar says:

    the cwm 5 u gave me works but i cannot connect to kies..

  45. Niraj janee says:

    I m using ICS .. via this method can i get back on Cyogen mod 7.1 ?i read the article , but once my phone is already rooted before installing ICS .. so wats the reason to root again as the ROM is already being customd …. and why shoud i try 2.3.4 ?

  46. Himadri says:


    Does this ROM have any bugs? All hardware properly working? USB & Bluetooth?

  47. Himadri says:

    And once installed how do I revert back to stock ROM?

  48. Himadri says:

    can you link me to a proper ODIN file? And does it come with the stock Galaxy ACE ROM?

  49. Himadri says:

    hi dude. CM7.1 works fine but the bluetooth wont receive any files anymore. Also google maps aren’t working. I tried restoring my old maps backup through titanium but it still doesn’t work. crashes each time. I think I need to flash the gapps file through recovery to fix it right? but what about the bluetooth issue? any help?

  50. amir says:

    i had done untill step 3.,.when i click factory reset.,my device can’t boot.,.pls help me this problem.,i caan’t use my phone.,

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