Registered my first Domain name!

Hmm.. I shud have posted this earlier but bah..

I’ve finally managed to register my domain name after having the payment transactions from more than 2 months >.> … and so here I sent the payment 3 weeks back, and I wait for 2 weeks, hmm no reply yet… Ah! Lemme contact that guy, and wh0a the guy contacts me back to register my domain (maybe he received my payment already?) on his domain hosting site. And well I add my domain there, a bit of n00b at this whole domain thing, and after a few more emails with the guy, I finally received the email ^____^

Congratulations. Your Domain Name has been Registered. Please read through this mail, and store it for future reference, since it contains important information on managing

So well I go setting about the domain then, pointing it to my site host’s nameservers, and play around a bit on the domain control panel :p fun.. And yes! !!! I’ll blog about that next time xD And time to start uploading the forums and site on the new domain.

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