Hathway Internet upgrade to 2Mbps

After struggling on the 512Kbps plan, as I earlier posted 2 years back, I finally got a chance to jump directly to 2Mbps. (The struggling part was due to crappy 10GB fair usage policy per month)

Hathway Broadband has been somewhat good at uptime and speed, however what sucked the most was their Fair Usage Policy on ALL plans, ranging from 5 – 20GB per month, after which you are dropped to 256Kbps, which is unbearable, especially for YouTube. But just last month, they came out with a plethora of new plans, probably feeling the heat from other ISPs like MTNL, with minimum speed 600Kbps after FUP.

I applied for the Flash 2 Max plan yesterday, which came in effect from today, with a speed of 2Mbps until 48GB, for 3 months, at a price of Rs. 2405 (incl. taxes). However, as initially it seemed too good to be true for Hathway, it really wasn’t.. that good, as I later realized there was a catch. The 48GB advertised limit was actually 16GB per month, for 3 months, crossing which you are dropped to 600Kbps. Every month, the 16GB cap is reset and speed is restored back.

Review: Pages seem to load almost instantly. On YouTube, up to 720p quality, the playback is smooth.

Cheaper alternative to this plan is the Flash 2 Lite, 26GB for 3 months, in place of 48GB. So per month FUP is 9GB in that case. Priced at Rs. 1800 without taxes.

Higher alternative to this plan is the Flash 2 Ultra, with 70GB for 3 months, priced at Rs. 2800 without taxes. 

More plans: http://www.hathway.com/hathway-broadband/home-broadband.php

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9 Responses to Hathway Internet upgrade to 2Mbps

  1. Mandar says:

    But bro how much get speed after reach limit IDM SPEED ACTUAL SPEED ?

    • Nishant says:

      IDM speed would be 64KB/s after limit. I haven’t yet reached the limit yet in the past 3 months, hehe. I want the 2mbps speed so maintained my usage within limit.

  2. Mandar says:

    & upload speed UTORRENT Please

  3. Mandar says:

    show here download & upload speed


  4. Karthick says:

    Your upload speed is constant and it is 0.24Mb/s. It doesn’t increase with torrent. Hathway restrict upload speed.

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