Music to my ears.. is back

Finally my second pair of EP-630s arrived today evening, from

Ankit had introduced me last year to IEMs (In-Ear Monitors). Well, quite a few others also used it, but he went a step ahead and straight-away gifted them to me. The most popular one of the lot, in the low budget range, the Creative EP-630 in-ears. Got them around September 2011. My first time plugging them into my ears was a bit.. uncomfortable, as I wasn’t used to ears being completely shut off from external noise, plus something being stuck into my ear canals. However, within a few days, I got used to them, and loved the totally new music experience that came along.. with added BASS of course! I began to enjoy BASS, which I didn’t care much about earlier. 

Although, I’ve been careless with that first pair, slept with them on, pulled them too hard and stuff. So, they screwed up within 6 months, and since I couldn’t find the warranty bill, I had to decide for a new pair. Meanwhile, I realized how inferior the ordinary Samsung earphones for my phone felt. Heck, they wouldn’t even fit in my ear any more.

Buying a second pair, made me consider other brands in the same range, like Skull Candy’s JIB and Ink’d. However, I wasn’t yet ready to invest into a new product, being unsure whether they’d beat the EP-630s in any way. So, I just went in for a second pair of the same, good ol’ EP-630s! And my ears feel the bliss again. <3

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