Goodbye Snubby

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To my beloved furbaby…

Goodbye Snubby

From the slumber of the night,
I woke up to the heart-wrenching sight,
Of you lying past your last breath,
Foreseen had I not, this moment of death.

I rubbed your chest hard,
Being your rescue lifeguard,
But my efforts were put in vain,
You wouldn’t come back to that pain.

The time had come to bid you farewell,
There were words unspoken for me to tell,
Deep regrets for which I apologize,
For one last time, we couldn’t meet our eyes.

I stayed beside you through your final journey,
Held your paw as you entered the crematory,
With hugs, kisses and unstoppable tears,
Life had made me witness my darkest fears.

As you left us behind, my brave warrior Snubby,
To a place with no pain, I wish you peace for eternity.
Do watch over us, as I keep you close in my thoughts,
Still trying to get over, the agony of your loss.

I really miss you, more than these words can convey,
Lend me your strength, take this misery away.
In reminiscing those days of your smiles and laughter,
I shall find the comfort to move on to life’s next chapter.