Which Bourbon person are you?

No we’re not talking about the Bourbon whiskey. The more familiar Bourbon, which are the sugar-sprinkled, sandwiched chocolate cream biscuits.

Britannia Bourbon

Until a few years back, asking for a Bourbon biscuit at the store didn’t give you much choices as you get today. Bourbon (in India) was, as far as I know, only manufactured by Britannia then.

Parle decided to step in and offer its own Bourbon biscuits, which I suppose was priced lower than Britannia’s. As I’ve read, it was simply Parle Bourbon earlier, and later they shifted it to their Hide n Seek brand and rechristened it to Parle Hide n Seek Bourbon. Parle also has a Bourbon offered in their Kreams range of cream biscuits, the less premium range.

Over the course of time, other players stepped in, such as Priyagold, and Sunfeast with their Dream Cream branded Bourbon. There are probably plenty others having saturated the market with more Bourbons.

However I’ve only tasted Britannia’s, Parle’s and Sunfeast’s offerings. At the time of writing this post, I seem to prefer Sunfeast Dream Cream Bourbon over the others. The inner filling feels creamier and the outer biscuit softer, as compared to the other two. After Sunfeast, I would prefer Parle (Hide n Seek) , for a somewhat better taste than Britannia.

As far as I know, Sunfeast and Parle (Hide n Seek) are both priced at Rs. 10, whereas Britannia has jumped back to its original price of Rs. 12, after staying at Rs. 10 to compete with Parle (Hide n Seek) for a while.

So which Bourbon brand(s) do YOU prefer? Leave your votes below. I’ve allowed multiple voting (upto 3 choices) for I know it could get tough to narrow down on just one option when it comes to food 😛

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