Events that trigger Windows Activation nag

So I just discovered one of the events that compels Windows to start nagging you with the Windows Activation nag dialog box (in case you haven’t done so). While normally it does so at every boot, and during intervals I believe, it is also programmed to nag you at every New Device Driver installation.

I came across a series of nag pop-ups today, which was quite unusual as they kept coming one after the other every few seconds. I then realised my mobile phone was installing some drivers, and upon every installation success, it displayed the Activation reminder.

WG trigger

EDIT: Ok it just struck me it displays so because the ‘Optional update delivery’ in Windows Update is disabled due to non-activation. And because Windows searches for drivers using the Optional Updates, it triggers the nag.

P.S.: I do have a Windows 7 Genuine License. I’ve just been lazy to activate it 🙂