Meeting up in real with an online bud

I dunno why I’m blogging this.. but well it was a special day for me so thought I should share it.. maybe with my own self =P

So I have like.. hundreds of online friends, bring it down to a few dozens who’re really good friends, bring it even more down to those who’re very close to me at intimacy levels. But my communication with them has always been limited to either textual or verbal communication over the web or on the phone. And I kind of preferred it since I am a different person online, and somewhat different offline, slightly an introvert, less talkative with strangers, until I get to know them better. As also, I have to balance my talks with every individual, talking in their level of understanding of the subject I’m talking about, also their interests and dislikes to be considered, and their way of thinking on things that I think more about or least care of. All this separation of talks makes me turn into multiple personalities, and each person sees me differently, lol. Somewhat complicated =P

So getting back to the topic, and to the point, yeah I had my first encounter in real with an online friend for the very first time. Bhumin Sangoi was someone I found via Orkut, during my mass adding of Pokefans to converse with, especially him because he resides nearby, around 4 railway stations away. We kinda got chatting, and then got onto phone calls.. was happy he was one of those phone addicts who do not talk less than 1 hr atleast at one go =P

And then finally, on the 26th of Feb., i.e. yesterday, I kind of left college early due to free lectures there on, and some holi mania starting up, getting the college floors wet, making me escape before anything turns up on me =P At the very same time I remembered Bhumin’s XIIth board must’ve just ended, at around 13:00 hrs. While I was at Worli, coming to Dadar, he txt’d me that he could wait for me and catch up at Borivali in my train, and then we could meet up for like 2 stations before I get off. I felt that wasn’t a good way to be meeting up someone for the first time.. 2 stations.. that’s like 10 mins.. way too less for someone you’ve been talking to on the phone for hours, lol. Randomly I came up with the idea of meeting up at Mc Donalds instead, because I had been craving to visit it since a long time (thanks to the inspiring pamphlets they deliver home >_>), and plus he’s a McD buff so.. that would be a great idea to spend some time together.


I got into a Dadar local, he had to wait for me for half n hour or so, sowwie for that! ^^ And then I got off at Borivali platform 3, walk all the way to 1, and further to 7 where he was supposedly waiting for me. And then yeah.. we met! ^_^ walked all the way to Mc Donalds which is at Kora Kendra, some 10-15mins walk in the blazing heat >_< Had a Pizza Puff, Coke Float and French Fries. Apparently I was supposed to be treating him, but he paid off most of it.. and wouldn’t accept the money.. Stubborn he bees!! And then we took an auto back to Borivali, had a nice talk in the train for the next 2 stations, then I had to get off =( though we kept talking on the phone until he reached home, lol.

All in all it was a fun experience to be meeting someone in person. He’s a fun chap to be with, maybe we’ll meet often, and have some (Nintendo) DS gaming sessions ^^ The sad part is that I didn’t take any snaps, I have this habit of snapping every meet, with my friends, just for remembrance later. Maybe next time! (No they’re always kept private btw =P)