New Facebook Twitter app changes FAIL

The official Twitter app on Facebook that updates your statuses on Facebook from your Twitter account recently underwent changes. The first one was a neat addition of ‘via Twitter’ below the status message on newsfeeds, with a blue Twitter ‘t’ icon. Second time, they took it off and turned into a normal status again.


For the third time change, which is the current one, they turned it back into the blue Twitter icon, plus added your profile link, which is a nice addition…


…BUT, at the cost of a very stupid decision to turn these statuses into application ‘posts’. They are no longer imported as normal Facebook statuses, so they will be treated as an application post on newsfeeds.

Tweets from multiple friends using Twitter app will be group and hidden.




^—As you can see, my tweet is instantly hidden, even though it is my first tweet, and not a series of updates that would deserve hiding due to flood. And yes, there is also a borkage of commonly used emoticon symbols ‘>_>’ as >_>

Since these are not statuses, your Facebook primary status that is shown at the top of your profile page, right next to your name shall not be updated as well.


And, the WORST part of this change is that these posts are not visible on Facebook Mobile, because FBMobile hides application updates. They are only visible on Facebook Touch. Hence your mobile friends will miss out on your regular updates.


If you try to open a Twittered Facebook post notification on mobile, it’ll simply show this screen:


So I hope Facebook tries to correct this mistake annoyance very soon. Or I shall have to stop tweeting again =\

EDIT: An alternative to this is an app called Smart Twitter that treats your tweets as statuses.