Just Another Guy

This is a lovely poem written by a dear friend that kind of describes the present me true to some extent.


~~~Just Another Guy~~~

So this is a little poem,

About this guy I know,

Really strange he is,

When he hides really low.


Sometimes he gets all emo,

And blocks everyone he knows.

He doesn’t have any foes,

As he keeps all his friends close.


Okay, Maybe not all,

And certainly not that close,

He just tweets about his life,

From the bathroom and from his course.


But he is very lazy,

As he does nothing but tweet.

He talks to various people,

But with them, he’ll never meet.


Everyone loves him,

As he can be very sweet.

But he’s kinda annoying,

When he tries to be discreet.


He is always evasive,

And never says yes or no,

He’ll say “maybe”,

To a question you’re dying to know.


He’s amazing at making excuses,

And tries to get away,

And when you are concerned about him,

He’ll say nothing but “k”.


Anyway, I’ll take my leave,

As he won’t read this I know.

He’ll have all the free time,

But still won’t read my notes.


So I’ll say bye to him,

Won’t even leave a little post,

‘Ola’ I won’t say,

Because that’s what’ll make him miss me the most.

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  1. Vv01 says:

    Nice one 🙂
    Great blog =D

  2. Vv01 says:

    Welcome 😀

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