Have you dropped by a Friend’s window today?

When is the last time you ever talked to that contact in your list whom you randomly added once upon a time, via some suggestion or someone else’s profile and the like. Or let’s just talk about your close school friend, or others whom you personally know in the real world.

Life on the Internet is gradually turning saturated, as we keep adding more and more contacts and followers across Orkut, Facebook, Twitter, etc. or on Instant Messengers.  It’s one moment we add them, the next moment we forget them altogether and shove them away to the depths of our crammed up contact lists, never to say yet another ‘Hi’. It happens with me, having 500+ contacts is tough!

But, that’s not my main focus. I’m here writing to talk about our personal contacts: old friends, new friends, distant friends, close friends, family, relatives, colleagues, etc. People whom we have interacted with at some part of life in the real world. I would focus more on old school friends, because that’s what I’m going to use here as an example, who is the main inspiration to this blog post.

We should in fact be thankful to the web, for we can instantly communicate with people whom you can’t devote enough time offline. But even then, we tend to forget them as we get indulged into other activities online. Let us, for once, open up our contact lists, and simply drop a.. Hi! 🙂

An iChat with my Best school friend

An iChat with my Best school friend

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  1. And, LOL at the smilies.. definitely online world brings anyone together 🙂 I love the web.

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