Cleaning up..

Howdy! Back after another long gap for posting around here, as always thanks to my laziness..

So these days being at home after some really hectic weeks at college, it’s quite likely that I’m going to get into completely weird and odd randomnesses again.. Though this time it was neat!

After months of archiving the Digit & Chip magazines (and plus a few other random tech mags bought along the way) , they still weren’t accessible as and when needed, thanks to once again.. yes, my laziness! heh.. So they needed to get organized chronologically in one place, unlike how they were spread across the cabinets in my room. Just like I managed to pile up the complementary Digit & Chip DVDs this week, it was now time to stack up the issues alongwith. So I just shoved everything off the cabinet that lies exactly on top of my rig (NiShPC 4.1) onto my bed (which laid there all thru the day as a complete mess..), and took a huge plastic bag to start /dev/null’ing the junk that’d been collected thru these months in that particular cabinet.

After the unnecessary matter was junked away, the issues were cuddled up into neat stacks (for each, Digit & Chip) that had everything chronologically set up. The other random magazines like PC World, PC Quest, Developer IQ, Linux for you, My Mobile, T3, .. were also piled up into one single stack (since I’m not a regular reader of the same and hence do not own every issue till date). Well now that it was done.. I randomly felt the urge to get the artistic side out of me, and do sumthing phun. So, stuck up some random right-sized Chip/PC Quest/Developer IQ cardboard covers up at the walls of the lower shelf, thus building up the charm of having a little archive library of tech magazines.

Next, the stacks were set up neatly in the shelf, alongwith the little mini booklets (Fastrack & Chip Plus) that come free alongwith them. There.. task completed. But no! There was still an urge to keep myself active from getting b0red. So the top shelf was filled in with all the books: novels, comics and other good ol’ books that were scattered around various directories around /home/nish/room3 ; and to throw in some creativity, printed out and stuck some cool labels that help to tag the book piles into easily searchable categories (thanks to navigation signboards at the supermarts, and travel instruction boards at highways for the random inspiration of these “labels” =P). Little arrows printed on the labels pointed towards the corresponding stacks. All this just added to the fun of getting everything organized together again, and get into the mood to sit back with a book sometime, which was an hobby that had been forgotten lately, due to the hands being kept busy on the keyboard at all times.

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And so ultimately this post turned out quite big, whereas I just hoped to post the neat photo of the end-result of the whole organization randomness. Anyways do comment on the set up, and suggestions are welcome as always.

P.S.: For those lazy readers out there with a similar mess in their rooms, do try cleaning up sometime ;p… it’s fun; even more if you throw in your creativity and make it enjoyable.

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