Sony Xperia Arc launcher for Galaxy Ace

This is the Sony Ericsson home launcher app from the Xperia Arc, ported to Galaxy Ace. While I was initially not so keen on trying out a stock launcher (owing to the fact that I dislike TouchWiz, and not a fan of Sense either), this one feels pretty good, mostly for the fun animations – the bubbles at the corners, the dragging of icons, the trash can giving two vibrates while closing the lid after deleting an app, and more. True, being a stock launcher, it doesn’t have the amount of customization options that ADW or GO or LP offer, but doesn’t hurt to try out.

For Galaxy Ace:


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16 Responses to Sony Xperia Arc launcher for Galaxy Ace

  1. sam says:

    i installed it but how2 run this app no wher 2be found

  2. sam says:


  3. Baibhav says:

    hey nishant… ur post is awsum…

    i am plannin to buy samsung ace this week and this theme looks just awsum….
    just a small answer required…
    do i have to copy the .apk and .zip file to the storage card and install the theme like normally done to install java games manually???

    • Nishant says:

      Thanks =) And yeah, you just have to copy and paste the APK file to your SD card and open it normally from the file manager. Or you can use a barcode scanner and download it right onto the phone, or search it via the Market.

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  5. Dhiman says:

    I have installed and used the launcher. It really is nice. One qn though, how do I add/delete no of home screens in this launcher ?

  6. Edward says:

    I was wondering why the widget doesn’t work for me? I have a Samsung Galaxy S II T-989 with T-Mobile. Is there another way to download and run the widgets? Thanks

  7. shrinal says:

    i have installed this theme but on the main screen my menu and email icon doesnt notify me unread email/msg i.e. display of unread msg/email on the right top of the icon. it was always shown in galaxg theme.

  8. Bipin says:

    I installed it on my Galaxy 551. Working well. my question is why theme is not working? any solution for the same?

  9. Losh says:

    Did its had theme???
    My icon not change…
    Its use Samsung icon…

  10. WILSON says:


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